Mrs. Hays New class

Wow you got one of the best teachers ever for 4th grade! Mrs. Hay dose so many fun things you are so lucky to have her.  Mrs. Hay also sometimes brings her dog Figgie. You are going to lover Mrs. Hay some other things that she dose is she loves doing crafts so she will be doing a lot of crafts with you all. Mrs. hay makes every thing fun. She also plays a game where you can win a party. Mrs. Hay also dose something called lightning rod test. In the amount of two minutes you have to complete 45 questions of multiplication. You can pass tests if you pass 0-12 you get to start at a lower time you get a lighting bolt and once you do all the times, you now have to do division. I hope you will love Mrs. Hay as much as  did. Keilana.Sheldon 

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