Mrs. Hays New class

Wow you got one of the best teachers ever for 4th grade! Mrs. Hay dose so many fun things you are so lucky to have her.  Mrs. Hay also sometimes brings her dog Figgie. You are going to lover Mrs. Hay some other things that she dose is she loves doing crafts so she will be doing a lot of crafts with you all. Mrs. hay makes every thing fun. She also plays a game where you can win a party. Mrs. Hay also dose something called lightning rod test. In the amount of two minutes you have to complete 45 questions of multiplication. You can pass tests if you pass 0-12 you get to start at a lower time you get a lighting bolt and once you do all the times, you now have to do division. I hope you will love Mrs. Hay as much as  did. Keilana.Sheldon 

Oxford Museum

On our field trip to the oxford museum I learned that to play a piano you had to pump air into it to play it. And if you stop pumping  air into it the piano with slowly  stop and then not work until you pump more air. Also back in the day girls when they brush there hair they would not throw away the hair they had this little thing that the would stuff the hair in, And then make it into a work of art. They took each strand of hair and wrapped it on  a piece of wire  and would make it into something. For example one was made into flowers. Another interesting thing is that when you were sad and but your tears into a little jar when someone you love passed. Once the tars would dry then every thing would go back to normal and you would start going back to normal in life. There were so many cool things and one of my favorites was seeing the photo of Where Meijer sits now. because it was so cool to see how much we have changed. and it was also so cool that that they would make concrete trucks and the big trucks before they even had roads. and it would take one day to come from Rochester to oxford.  and dentist were called barbers. Also when they said a pinch of salt they had little glass cups that you would take a pinch of salt from it and put it in a recipe or what you needed it for. Also when fire fighters had to put on there sirens they would have to crank a wheel so that it would work. And when you would do laundry you had to put alot of work into it. For example  you would have to take buckets and fill it then add your clothes iron them by hand, and while you were washing them you had to crank a wheel in usually a dark room. And you had to do it for about twenty or thirty minutes just cranking the wheel to make it wash the clothes. The oxford museum was such a fun experience and a really fun filed trip. I really enjoyed going to the oxford museum. I learned so much from it.

The mysterious game…

In 2019, there was a normal game of monopoly that a family was playing. The boy played as the iron piece. The girl played as a hat, and the dad played as a shoe. The neighbor then heard loud noises in the house next to him. The neighbor came and knocked on the door, but no one responded. The man thought it was a break in, so the man called the cops. There was no one there when the police officers  opened the door. The people in town saw Game pieces all around. The ones that the family used to play…

The Stormy Night

It was one wet cold  night around Halloween. Me my dad, and brother, noticed that the wind was starting to pick up. We got our last box from the basement to decorate for Halloween. On our tiny television the channel changed. It was a… TORNADO WARNING. The sirens then went off. The building shook and then  I rapidly ran down to the basement. I was scared, but we were safe now. The sirens turned off and we went back upstairs. Luckily the storm had passed. We were all fine and there was no damage . We went  right back to decorating.

The Fun Day Until…

It was a nice spring day. My mom took me to the beach we swam across the water and back. After we were done swimming We went to go roller skating. We went to the counter and got roller skates. I put them on and starting skating. I saw a tiny boy skating around. I was too distracted looking at him I fell and twisted my leg. All i saw as black after I fell. I woke up in the hospital. My mom said that I broke my  leg I started to cry.Good thing it was a only a dream.

The Prank

It was a nice spring evening. So I decided to play a prank on my friend. I went in my basement and found the long fuzzy arms from Halloween. I went out in the wood’s behind my house and put them around a tree. I also grabbed my phone and put it behind the tree. It was playing growling noises. I asked my dad if I could go to my friends house “Yes” my he said. I got to his house we walked over to my house to play in the woods. He saw the tree and screamed and ran.

People should know that dogs are amazing!

 Dogs make people happy because they cheer you up sometimes in life. Everyone needs someone with them. For me, that’s my dog. Sometimes people ask “Why your dog?” I say it is because he is there for me, he respects me, and he also cares and loves me. 

One reason people should know that dogs are amazing animals is because dogs care about you. For example dogs care about you when you are gone your dog misses you. An example of this is when  I went to my aunts for a long time. And my dog was whining at the front door when we walked in. He was also so happy to see us. Almost like we had been gone for years. 

Another reason dogs are amazing animals is because they cheer you up. For example my dog saw I was hurt and crying. He ran up to me and made sure that I was okay. Dogs never want their owners to be upset. Because dog’s owners comfort them. So they want to do the same. And show that they respect them and care for them.

My last reason dogs are amazing animals is because they respect you. For example my dad told my dog to stop barking and my dog stopped barking. This connects to how your dog cheers you up. Because your dog respects you. So they go and make sure you are okay. And your dog respecting  you does not only mean to listen to you. They also show respect by love and comfort. 

Dogs are almost like humans. Because they show emotions. For example how we miss our dog’s  our dogs also miss us. Dogs can also be sad or happy. This is why I feel people should know that dogs are amazing animals. By Keilana Sheldon.

The Trip To Florida

It was the night before I was going to Florida.  I was so exited, so I went to bed at 8:00. I could not wait to wake up and go to the airport. In the morning my dad woke me and my brother up so we didn’t miss our flight. We got to the airport. We were in line getting ready to go on the plane. “Can I check your passport?”… he asked my dad. We got on the plane. Before I knew it, me and my brother were swimming around at our hotel pool splashing and having fun. The end


One day I woke up and was sweating like I never have before. I opened my eyes and saw something so bright it was burning my eyes. I stood up and saw the brown crispy dirt that my feet slowly stepped on It was so hot outside, Once I was looking around, I realized that my best friend was next to me we had no clue how we got where we were until I saw  we were ” WE ARE IN THE DESSERT!!!!!” I was so scared and my ankle hurt  I grabbed a stick and we started our hike home

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