There is so much to learn about football By Kienan

                  People should learn about football because there are so many teams, positions, and different ways to play football and then you’ll know how to play football.

                  The first reason you should learn about football is that there are a lot of teams. There are thirty two teams in the NFL/National football league and maybe more than three hundred in college football. The most common teams in college football are the Big Ten. Some teams in the big ten are the Michigan Wolverines, the Michigan State Spartans, and the Ohio State Buckeyes. Also some teams in the NFL are the Detroit Lions, Kansas City Chiefs, Tennessee Titans, and the Los Angeles Rams. Its important to learn about the teams because you need to know what your favorite team is.

                   The second reason about football is all about positions. There are positions that are not known as much. A QB or a Quarterback is the person that throws the ball. The Wide Receiver goes farther to catch the ball than any other position. A Tight End is the person who goes for shorter passes than the other positions. A Running back is the person who gets the ball handed off by the QB and runs to get a touchdown. The Right or left tackle is the peeps that are on offense are trying to block the other ones on defense to not let them sack the QB. The other ones on defense try to sack the QB. A Linebacker is the person by the safety but goes in for the QB. The Safety is in the back of the play so if the person with the ball gets through they are there to tackle them. The defensive back is the guy blocking the Wide receiver. Its important to know about the positions because if someone tells you to go to wide receiver and you do not know what it is then you will not know where you are going.

                  The third reason about football is the different ways to play football. There are different ways to play football, not only tackle. There are other ways to play football. The other ways are flag football and one or two hand touch. Flag football is everyone is wearing flags and when the person with the ball gets one of they’re flags pulled off they are down. Two and one hand touch is you touch the person with two or one hands. When they are touched they are down. Its important to know about the different ways to play because if they are playing two hand touch, you will not know what to do!

                  I hope I persuaded you to think there is so much to learn about football! I hope you learned a lot about the teams, positions and the different ways to play to play football!


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