People should know that dogs are amazing!

 Dogs make people happy because they cheer you up sometimes in life. Everyone needs someone with them. For me, that’s my dog. Sometimes people ask “Why your dog?” I say it is because he is there for me, he respects me, and he also cares and loves me. 

One reason people should know that dogs are amazing animals is because dogs care about you. For example dogs care about you when you are gone your dog misses you. An example of this is when  I went to my aunts for a long time. And my dog was whining at the front door when we walked in. He was also so happy to see us. Almost like we had been gone for years. 

Another reason dogs are amazing animals is because they cheer you up. For example my dog saw I was hurt and crying. He ran up to me and made sure that I was okay. Dogs never want their owners to be upset. Because dog’s owners comfort them. So they want to do the same. And show that they respect them and care for them.

My last reason dogs are amazing animals is because they respect you. For example my dad told my dog to stop barking and my dog stopped barking. This connects to how your dog cheers you up. Because your dog respects you. So they go and make sure you are okay. And your dog respecting  you does not only mean to listen to you. They also show respect by love and comfort. 

Dogs are almost like humans. Because they show emotions. For example how we miss our dog’s  our dogs also miss us. Dogs can also be sad or happy. This is why I feel people should know that dogs are amazing animals. By Keilana Sheldon.

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