Haunted Theater week #25

One rainy day I was so board. I couldn’t play with my friends I couldn’t go outside. I was looking out the window at rain falling down. My mom had a great idea. We should go to the movies. On our way to the movie theater it was still raining. When we got to the theater no one was there. We went where the movie was and it wasn’t on. A few minutes later I heard a weird noise. The light fell. I needed to get out of the place. Something was chasing me very fast I needed to run.

3 thoughts on “Haunted Theater week #25”

  1. I shared your writing with the 100 Word Challenge Blog!
    I like how you used the setting of boredom and rainy weather to build suspense in your story. I can tell you spent some time on editing because you have very few errors – thank you!

  2. Isn’t it funny when we should run or just get out we go in further. I very much liked the way you built up the suspense, nothing there but you went in to see about the movie bringing you in more and now what? Better run!

    Well done!

  3. Hello Brandon, I enjoyed your 100 WC and the way you described the haunted theatre, hope you and your mum were safe!

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