100WC Week#26

One day I was playing a video game and my sister came in my room. I knew something was gonna be bad. She started annoying she was messing up my game. later on she left my room. I realized she was spying on me. I told my mom that my sister was annoying me. She left when I told on her. When I died in my game she came and started calling me a loser. She grabbed the controller and wanted to play. I said no because she was annoying me. I was so cross that I pushed her down.



Haunted Theater week #25

One rainy day I was so board. I couldn’t play with my friends I couldn’t go outside. I was looking out the window at rain falling down. My mom had a great idea. We should go to the movies. On our way to the movie theater it was still raining. When we got to the theater no one was there. We went where the movie was and it wasn’t on. A few minutes later I heard a weird noise. The light fell. I needed to get out of the place. Something was chasing me very fast I needed to run.

The Game Week 23

One day I was grounded from my video games. My mom told me I had to go clean the attic so I got a ladder and climbed up to the attic. While I was cleaning I found something in the corner of my eyes. It was a game it looked like an old game. I snuck down the ladder and went to my friends house to play the game. When it logged me into the game your character had red cloths. You have to walk down a pavement sidewalk and collect coins. I started sinking when I fell into water.

Music Out of Tune

One night I was at a concert having fun. All of a sudden something sounded weird it was completely out of tune. Every one started to leave and yell give me a refund. It was getting out of control so I just left. The band tried fixing there instruments but they couldn’t figure out what was wrong. All I could hear was yelling and screaming because of the concert. The next day the band said they were retiring because they just don’t remember how to play as good. Everyone was so sad they were retiring they couldn’t play no more.

The light blinded him

One day there was a boy and he wanted to go to space. Hes been training for so long he cant wait. His trainer said he was ready to go to space. He got his gear on and went into his rocket ship. It was counting down 3 2 1 blast off. There he went into space the rocket ship was going so fast up and up it went. When he got high enough he could see all of the USA. Later on he was still going up and up. He was looking backwards but when he turned around the light blinded him.

The egg

One day I was walking down the sidewalk. When I was by a tree I saw a greenish egg looking thing. I climbed up the tree to get a good look. The egg was hatching it looked like. a piece fell out of the egg it was hatching. When the egg broke I saw a cat inside it. the cat was to small to get out of the egg so I helped it get out. the cat ran up the tree so fast. The cat could not get out of the tree! we called the fire department and it worked.

the fighters – 100WC Week 6

One day I was taking a walk down the sidewalk and I saw orange firefighters that danced clumsily in the bath. It was so weird so I left and went to play some video games. I heard a noise outside in the back yard. I knew I was home alone so I looked out the window to see what was happening. I saw the orange firefighters again dancing in the bath. I wondered how they got here with the bath. I just went back to playing video games I looked out side again and they were not there. WHAT THE!

The Lego Man 100WC #6

one day I was taking a walk down the sidewalk and I saw a small thing in the corner of my eye I looked down. It was a Lego man standing on a bunch of ladybugs. The ladybugs were carrying the Lego man to there house. I followed them to there house when they went in there home the Lego man got stuck on a small rock. I pushed the Lego man in to there home for them when they brought it out of there home the head was gone. I broke there home and got the head. BOO YA!

the park

One day I was going to the the park. When I got there I saw these animals on poles. There was a goat,horse, and a cow I wish I new where they came from. I saw a man on a bench so I went over there to tell him where did those animals come from. He said they came from a man he brought them over here because he did not want them any more. They are for sale he said. So I went over to the man that put them there,and said can I buy those he said yes!

week #3 100 words

One morning I was going to California I was taking a train there I was so excited about it we were packing up. I was all ready for the trip. I was waiting on my sister only. When she was done we got in the car and drove to the train station. It took an hour to get there I was bored in the car when we got there. We sat down and waited for the train to come when it finely got here we got on it. It seemed to be going backwards it was way way to confusing.

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