100WC week1 – the monster

         It was just a normal day and I was walking my usual way home from school with my friend. We turned the corner and something caught my eye. Those certainly hadn’t been there before. Two arm looking like the ones of a giant reached right out of the ground holding what looked like a stick. My friend wanted to check it out but I was not sure. ¨AAAAHHHH.¨ I jumped, the hands weren’t it. An ogre emerged from the sidewalk. ¨RUN!!!¨ I screamed. my heart raced, I squeezed my friend’s hand and we didn’t stop until we both got home.




2 thoughts on “100WC week1 – the monster

  • September 21, 2018 at 3:31 pm

    Really good spelling. Great job! you did really great.


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