Oxford historical Museum

At the oxford historical Museum I saw things that if I was alive when the things were there like. A fridge that to keep cool you have to have someone bring ice to your house and they put the ice in a box and on the other side there is the food for the ice to keep cool. Also there is a thing that if one of your family dies then back then people would cry a lot so they would take a bottle and fill the bottle with tears and wear black. When the tears evaporate that is when you can get back to your life and stop wearing black and move on with your life. Another thing is, 3D glasses I saw a picture of wolfs they looked like they were there. Back then you could not just do nothing all day even playing a piano had hard work. You had to pump air in to a bag so the piano. That is all of the amazing things I saw at the oxford historical Museum.

the game of monopoly

One day I was in the worlds coolest museum. I saw so many things like space and wax sculptures. Then I walked into a hallway. The lights flickered all around me. I looked right in front of me. It was the biggest piece of a monopoly piece ever. It was weirdly an iron. It started chasing me around. I quickly jumped on the iron piece. In a snap I was in a different world. A paper came to me and said to get out  you have to play the game. Since that day no one has ever seen me again.

The Smash

I was walking down the street of New York City. Then a newspaper flung to my face, “The building shook and then everyone is smashing the skyscraper because of a challenge. Whoever gets inside first, gets all of the money. It starts tomorrow at 7am.”  The next day I woke up at 7am because I heard a sound like a stampede of animals, but then I remembered it was the challenge time. Before I got outside the building was gone. I looked up and money was raining on me. Later that day, I went shopping I bought so much stuff!

The shadow

One night drew was having a night mare of ghosts he does not like ghosts it was like it was with him. The next day  drew woke up happy as can be. but after watching TV for a little he felt like he is being watched. He went out side. With his sister Brynn and nothing was there. Later that day Drew was playing with his football he looked outside a black shadow was outside with a cane. Drew ran to brynn and said for brynn to come with him outside but nothing there.But the shadow remains there scaring kids.

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