The Giant Step. #Week 28

Luke and me were walking through the forest looking for trouble, When we saw a huge footprint in the mud. It was huge!! “Maybe it was Bigfoot” said Luke sarcastically. I didn’t find find it funny. We decided to make our way back to my house. We decided to play a game on the way back. It was called DON’T DROP. It was a game where we through the rock back and forth without dropping the rock. We had 56 in a row when we saw a huge shadow in shape of a foot on top of us “AHHH” we yelled. 

The Big Race WEEK #27

It was Friday afternoon. when the annoying snail Parker ran into my house ( more like  walk ), and he said he needed my help with an errand at the grocery store. He couldn’t get there in time so Nolan the cheetah had to do it. He always had to do something for Parker. Finally Nolan challenged Parker to a race if he won he would never have do anything for him again. The race began and was really boring Parker was running with Peter. Nolan walked and was way ahead. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress.  

The Crazy Gnome week #26

There was a gnome with a very shiny beard. His tiny sister was really annoying. The gnome tried to pull a prank on her. When his sister walks in the door yellow paint will fall on her. But his sister is really thin so when she walked in the paint missed her!!!!!! He needed to find a new prank but it was hopeless. No prank was as good as that one. Until one day he thought of one so good to get her later that day. When he walked out of the door a bucket of paint splashed on him.

Week #25-The Rooftop

I was walking down the stairs looking for my pug, Pickles, when I didn’t find him upstairs or downstairs I got really freaked out he didn’t run outside. My other dog blocked my way so I gave him a bone and continued on my mission, Finding my cute little dog,  When I got outside my heart was pumping so fast I thought it was going to burst. That’s when all of a sudden I hear whimpering, I looked up and saw Pickles on the ROOF! He whimpered some more. I was so scared. How did he even get up there?

Week #24- Anger Issues

It was an average day, The sun was shining and the birds were singing. I went downstairs to see that everything was messed up. The plates and glasses were shattered, The cabinets were beat up, The couch looked like a couple savage dogs tore it up. I was so confused, But it all came to me as I see my dad running toward me with an angry face, With teeth of steel and red eyes. There was only one thing not broken in the house, A tea cup, He through it out of the house. It still lies there today.  

The Tennis Ball

It was just an average rainy day and I was just throwing the tennis ball on top of the roof and catching it as it comes down. Then suddenly the ball slipt and came down the roof really slowly. And it got stuck in the gutter. I got really mad!!!! It came down the drainpipe and hit my dog right in the head. He fell hard to the ground. We took him straight to the hospital I was crying, It took twenty minutes for the doctor to come out and say he had brain damage and now could talk English.    

Where should we go!

“I wonder where we should go next?’’ said Jake , The youngest.
“We should go to the mall,’’ said mama.
“No the mall is boring’’
“But we can get you new clothes’’
“My clothes are fine!, I don’t need new clothes!’’screamed Jake.
“Okay,Okay sorry, how about a baseball game’’ said mama trying to calm jake.
“YAY!, we can see the tigers play!’’
“Oh dang sorry Jake the tigers game is all sold out’’
“NO,NO, NO we have to go to the game no matter what’’ Jake screamed.
“Jake honey” sometimes in life we don’t get what we want.’’
“That’s not FAIR!.” 

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