The Imagination

I was sitting at home and my dad made me come to his meeting. Then when we got there I had to sit outside. My dad’s the president. I had to sit outside for two hours. But what if I was in charge? I would make it where there was a gaming room and where kids could go. I would also make a book shelf and a stand for rental tablets or a music room with music headphones. Also, I’d make a concession stand with food and water. Then I woke up from my little dream to this weird mess.

The bird in the drain pipe

One day I was walking outside, and I heard a slapping noise I walked closer and closer to the drain pipe It got louder and louder I looked In the drain pipe and and then I saw a bird In the drain pipe I tried pulling It out but It wouldn’t come out a few seconds later It popped out and started squealing then It popped on to my lap and it scared me so much that I fell Into the bush behind me!!! Then it said thank you you what ever you are and walked away like a human!

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