The bird in the drain pipe

One day I was walking outside, and I heard a slapping noise I walked closer and closer to the drain pipe It got louder and louder I looked In the drain pipe and and then I saw a bird In the drain pipe I tried pulling It out but It wouldn’t come out a few seconds later It popped out and started squealing then It popped on to my lap and it scared me so much that I fell Into the bush behind me!!! Then it said thank you you what ever you are and walked away like a human!

One thought on “The bird in the drain pipe

  • February 9, 2018 at 8:35 am

    A very original twist at the end of your story .Well done !
    I also like the addition of humour , you falling into the bush,to enliven your story.
    In your next piece of writing can I suggest you work on using full stops ( periods ) at the end of every sentence.It will make your work easier to read.


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