Extraordinary in California by Kienan

It was a horrible day outside when I was walking to guitar class after having a burger with mustard and ketchup on it. When I got there I shoved my friend because he was trying to get in my way. After guitar class I fell asleep. The next day it was extraordinary in California because it was nice and sunny again like always. I got out of bed and ran downstairs and my Mom said, “Do you want some honey nut cheerios?”

“No thanks” I said. Then asked, “Can I go to Johnny’s house?”

“Sure honey”

“Ok bye” I said.

McShadow by Angel

Shadow went to Mc Donald’s. On the way he saw a guitar player who was horrible. He got to Mc Donald’s and he ordered an extraordinary big mac with extra mustard and shoved aside the mayo. When he was done he got into a fight with the blue hedgehog (aka sonic). TWO HOURS LATER. It was tough but shadow won. That night shadow had a nightmare about Sonica (the girl version of sonic) and woke up screaming and went to apologize to Sonic. Soon enough they became great friends and fought Eggman together and grew as partners for all eternity.

Extra Mustard by Kennedy

One day I woke up for my guitar lesson. l totally did not want to go to guitar  lessons but I had to. I told my mom I wanted a sandwich with extra mustard  and nothing else. l looked at the time – I was running late! I shoved my mom out of the way and headed to the bus stop. When I arrived l was in horrible trouble just because l was late. l couldn’t believe it, but when I thought about it, it was for an extraordinary reason.  When that was over I totally ate my extra mustard  sandwich.

One Hot Day – by Carter

One hot day I played my mustard extraordinary ordinary guitar. That I shoved on the ground. It was a horrible sighting to see. I cried a lot. My mom comes running out of the house only to see the horror. She grounded me for a week. Sorry, it will not work, I told  my mom . Billy bob joe my mom yelled. Go to your room. fine! I scream  at the top of my lungs. I played legos and built a three story house. Ten minutes later. I raced down stairs and snatched my tablet, on my tablet I played roblox.

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