One Hot Day – by Carter

One hot day I played my mustard extraordinary ordinary guitar. That I shoved on the ground. It was a horrible sighting to see. I cried a lot. My mom comes running out of the house only to see the horror. She grounded me for a week. Sorry, it will not work, I told  my mom . Billy bob joe my mom yelled. Go to your room. fine! I scream  at the top of my lungs. I played legos and built a three story house. Ten minutes later. I raced down stairs and snatched my tablet, on my tablet I played roblox.

One thought on “One Hot Day – by Carter

  • February 14, 2022 at 5:51 pm

    Kia ora Carter. Great job on your writing this week. I especially like some of your description, such as ‘…at the top of my lungs’, and ‘snatched’. These add detail to your writing that make it interesting to read. Keep up the super writing Carter!


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