The Oxford Museum

Today we went to the Oxford Museum. It was very fun this is what we learned, You had to step on something to pump the air so they could play the piano, Have you ever heard some on say ”Pinch of salt”? Well in the old an days they had these little containers that ha salt in them and you would to pinch the salt. The Oxford Museum was a bank and now it is a Museum. The Oxford Museum was build in 1975. They have stuff we don’t have now like Headed stoves they had some troubles heating it. I really recommend going there!

The fancy iron

One day an old lady came in an old iron shop. She was looking for one perfect iron because her iron broke when she was ironing some clothes. She kept looking until she saw the perfect iron. It was beautiful, light pink, shiny,  fancy and it even had a ribbon on it! She picked the fancy iron up and  said to the lady ”Hello mam I would like to buy this fancy iron please.” After the old lady paid for the fancy iron she got in her car and went home. When she got home she got her wrinkly clothes.

The Castle that Shook

Once upon a time there was a pretty princess that lived in a castle with her mom, dad, and sister. One day she was watching TV when all of a sudden the news popped up. It said, ”Hello everyone, tomorrow at 7:33 Am there will be an earthquake.” Then she saw the terrible earthquake! The buildings shook and then her makeup fell off her golden vanity! Her family was very worried. All of a sudden the earthquake was done with. She ran down stairs and hugged her family very tight. That day she picked up her room and did her makeup.

The little girl with yellow skates

Once upon a time a little girl was walking with her mom. Then all of a sudden she saw a little girl with yellow roller skates. She said to her mom “Mommy  I want those yellow skates!” Her mom said “Maybe for your birthday honey.” Then they arrived at their house. The little girls mom was cooking dinner when all of a sudden she remembered that in one day it was her birthday! The next morning she went down stairs and saw cake and the yellow roller skates she saw by the hospital! That day she swam in her pool.

Parents are amazing! by Mariah G.

Our parents sometimes can be hard on us because they are trying to teach us good things so when we grow up we will be a good person. Also some parents are really strict on us because they love us and care about us! They also want us to be kind and caring to people in the world. they want us to help people and stand up for people. 

One reason why our parents try to keep us so clean is because if we did not have parents in the world and there were just kids in the world it would not be good! and it would be crazy! they would eat junk food and candy and even make the house filthy!

Another reason is we can also try to listen to our parents and respect them. the last reason is our parents can teach us how how to cook ,clean and anything else! You should also ask your parents to teach you how to learn stuff. Once my mom Took me to a very fancy restaurant And they had very unique and fancy food that I never tried before and I tried it and I actually liked it because my mom made me try it. If I never had tried it I would never had liked it! Have you ever tried dumpling Vegetable soup it’s so good I love it now it’s my favorite soup! You should totally try it! Parents are amazing because they make you try new things.

Our parents try to keep us healthy and safe! And if you don’t have a Mom or dad and you live with your aunt or uncle or Grandma and Grandpa. That’s totally okay! They support you and take care of you! So don’t think your  parents are mean they love you! My mom always says to me what happens in the dark always comes to light. That means if you don’t listen to your parents you might never get to learn. And when your older and someone asks you how to do that thing that you didn’t listen to your parents about like it could be cooking, fixing things, bake or anything else. And you always should listen to your parents!

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