Parents are amazing! by Mariah G.

Our parents sometimes can be hard on us because they are trying to teach us good things so when we grow up we will be a good person. Also some parents are really strict on us because they love us and care about us! They also want us to be kind and caring to people in the world. they want us to help people and stand up for people. 

One reason why our parents try to keep us so clean is because if we did not have parents in the world and there were just kids in the world it would not be good! and it would be crazy! they would eat junk food and candy and even make the house filthy!

Another reason is we can also try to listen to our parents and respect them. the last reason is our parents can teach us how how to cook ,clean and anything else! You should also ask your parents to teach you how to learn stuff. Once my mom Took me to a very fancy restaurant And they had very unique and fancy food that I never tried before and I tried it and I actually liked it because my mom made me try it. If I never had tried it I would never had liked it! Have you ever tried dumpling Vegetable soup it’s so good I love it now it’s my favorite soup! You should totally try it! Parents are amazing because they make you try new things.

Our parents try to keep us healthy and safe! And if you don’t have a Mom or dad and you live with your aunt or uncle or Grandma and Grandpa. That’s totally okay! They support you and take care of you! So don’t think your  parents are mean they love you! My mom always says to me what happens in the dark always comes to light. That means if you don’t listen to your parents you might never get to learn. And when your older and someone asks you how to do that thing that you didn’t listen to your parents about like it could be cooking, fixing things, bake or anything else. And you always should listen to your parents!

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