the storm is coming

Were in the one the only dusty depot going to get loot from a chest with my squad.We were going to be in the storm soon but we can’t died I had a legendary sniper and my team was so good ,the storm was coming in we had a launch pad but we were going to save it for the final battle .Although they were running  fast the were not making enough progress .We found our selves in a tough spout we were fighting some people and we were in the storm I  had 3 kills from the team but…

Week 24 – Jack and The Bean Stalk

One day there was two little children they were on a walk and saw a huge tea cup they din’t know where it came from but they thought it was from the Jack and the bean stalk. But people only told it as a story but little did they know that they would walk straight into a big story they looked around the cup thinking ”how did no one see this” .They yelled up into the sky saying these words Jack and the bean stalk please come down and give us a seed a seed came down and  they were…

the problem

Today started off with me going to the TV like always, to see what’s on the news like always there the people were arguing about food waste and  plastic bags everywhere and killing wildlife I went to my mom and said” mommy why is the world messed up”.she said ”in what way”.I responded in ”well we are wasting food that we don’t eat we could give to the poor and turtles are eating plastic bags ”. my mom responded saying ”well if you were in charge of the world what  would you do ”.  but what if I was in charge                                                                                 

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The Boat

”no no  my boat!”said George it came down the drainpipe into the sewers there was two strange eyes looking  at me saying these words ”hay George you want your boat” I nodded   he said ”here than come and get it” ”who are you ”I said  ”I’m your worst nightmare” the clown said I wanted to think it was a dream but it was not I wanted my boat so i garbed it the clown let me and said to me ”I can pop out when ever” and put a red balloon I was not scared   but I knew it was…

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