Week 24 – Jack and The Bean Stalk

One day there was two little children they were on a walk and saw a huge tea cup they din’t know where it came from but they thought it was from the Jack and the bean stalk. But people only told it as a story but little did they know that they would walk straight into a big story they looked around the cup thinking ”how did no one see this” .They yelled up into the sky saying these words Jack and the bean stalk please come down and give us a seed a seed came down and  they were…

One thought on “Week 24 – Jack and The Bean Stalk

  • March 19, 2018 at 10:19 am

    I liked the way that you referenced Jack and the Bean Stalk Luke. I thought that was a clever way to respond to the picture prompt. Be careful to avoid run-on sentences. It might be helpful to read your story out loud to someone before you publish. Nice work!


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