“…But it is the wrong color!”

This morning we had an assignment to color a sheet of paper. I tried to find the right color but it is the wrong color every time. I got to my desk and I started to draw the statue of liberty. I looked every where for a green and then I found one. one of my favorite subjects is art. My whole class had to turn in the assignment on friday. I finished drawing the statue of liberty and decided to draw a golden retriever because that is one of my favorite kind of pet. Hope it’s the right color.

…I was so cross that…

This morning, I wanted to go to this 5k  so I went and right when I got there the race started so I ran as fast as I could. I was in third place and there was two more miles that I had to run. I ran as fast as I could I was on my last mile and me and this person was right behind me. The finish line was right in front of me I ran as fast as I could and I won!! I screamed I was so exited that I won. I was cross that Yes!!

Sinking, Red, Ladder, Pavement, Coins

This morning I went into my piggy bank and I grabbed 5 golden COINS for the RED ladder that moved at the carnival. We went to the carnival at 3 pm, we went to walk on the pavement to get over to the carnival. I noticed that there was a sinking ladder in the water. Me and my friends went on the roller coaster ride and we had a bunch of fun. Then, we went over to the connections and we got some nachos and we also, got pizza it was pretty good food. we left the place we had a blast!!

It was completely out of tune…..

One morning, me and my family went church because it was it was Christmas eve morning. We got there and I got a cinnamon bagel, we went into the auditorium and we sat down it said 15 minutes and 37 seconds left till the show starts. The show started off with a woman singing she had a great voice but it was completely out of tune.  The next part of the show was dancing I loved because one guy was singing rap in the back round I thought he was very talented. The last part of the show was a singing contest.

The Light Blinded Him Week 15

One morning Josh got up he turned on the light and it blinded him. This afternoon Josh had to go to football practice witch was a three hour practice. Josh finally arrived to practice after his practice he went out to eat at a dinner. After we went to the dinner one of my friends from my football team came over to my house. That night I got invited to a sleepover so I was having a ton of fun that day. I got to the sleepover and my whole entire football team was  there. It was a spectacular day.

carried away

One afternoon, I went outside and I drew a twitter bird on my table. I told my mom that I was going to make an animation, I told my sister to help me hold the camera. I was n the ground in a ball because the twitter bird was going to take me to its nest. My sister took a bunch pictures of the twitter bird moving and picking me up. We finished the video and we posted it on edublogs.org. The next morning we checked on the blog and we got a bunch of comments that we did great!

Theres the GORILLA!!!

BOOM!!  The big GORILLA barged into the house the lady screamed and the lady called the cops they came running in the house and the gorilla ran  as fast as he could out of the house.  The old lady and cops came running out of the house going to chase the gorilla. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH the lady was so scared. The gorilla was  wearing some funny clothes the zoo people probably dressed  him up. That must of been really hard. The gorilla jumped on large buildings and he was in the city it was hard to catch him. They never captured him.

Week 7 Lego man

Ounce upon there was a person and he was different then others he wore different shoes then others and different clothing. The next morning it was the first day of school so he dressed up fancier, just because it is the first day.  Everybody looked at him weird he had to share about himself and the first thing he said was he is a Lego person and he loved to search for eggs. The second thing he said was I love basketball and other people in the class room started to shout I love basketball to. Today we had gym!!

Week 6 BATH, Fighter, Danced, orange, clumsy

Today I had a long day I had to go to boxing and dance class. I also, had a birthday at 3, the birthday was for my friend named Landon. At dance class I was a little clumsy. Next, I had boxing at 1. It was the end of boxing so i went to my room and took a nap for my friend Landon’s birthday party. I got to take a nap for about 30 minutes, It was finally time for my friends birthday the theme was orange and black for Halloween. I had a lot of candy and was a good fighter.

…It reminded me of a time when…week 6

Once upon a time there was a family of 4 and they were going on a trip to California that reminded me of a time when i went to California with my family cause we went to go see my aunt. This family went for a vacation just to get out of the house and have some family time.  let me tell you a little about there family, the boy is 11 years old and the girl is 9 and there names were Dylan and Nicole they both loved to play basketball so when they got to the apartment there family did 2 v 2.

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