Week#26 The Time I Was Cross

I was in my room in till my sister came in  and jumped on my bed and I almost dropped my phone and when she jumped on the bed she grabbed my all pillows and stated to throw the pillows at me. I was so cross that I threw the pillows back at her. I told her to stop because it was really annoying. I went to my mom and told her to tell my sister to stop and she did.  So my sister hated me that day for telling on her. But she never did that again to me.

The Haunted House – Week 25

I was going to a haunted house with my friends. We were at the destination the most haunted house in the whole WORLD!!!! We were going in when the door creaked so loud. I was thinking if I should go back to my house. But I was thinking about just leaving my friends there. So we all went in the house we saw big spiders crawling on the floor. We walked to the kitchen and we saw a bowl of eyeballs and dead bodys. Then we saw a ghost a it shut the door and we were stuck there forever.

Going to the park

On a sunny day, I was walking on a pavement surface to the park. When I arrived I decided to go up the ladder so I could see the nice view. I look to my right and I saw a baby duck sinking in the water so I decided to save the baby duck. I was running as fast as I could and suddenly I saw all of my coins from my pockets we’re falling out and leaving a trail of coins. I jumped in the pond to save the baby duck and got my red shorts all soaking wet.  

WEEK#20 My BIRTHDAY Disaster

Today was the day, It was my birthday! I was doing a big party that all my friends were invited! My parents helped me decorate for the party. I was done decorating and I got changed already so I was ready. All the people started coming. We ate , we danced, and played games. It was time to open presents. I opened my friend Marley’s present first. It was big. I saw it and it a was a PIANO!!!!!!!!!!! I stared to play and it was completely out of tune. So I couldn’t play it any more. I was very sad.

week 15 Concert

We were at a concert. I was with my friend Jack. The persons concert we went to was Shaun Mendes . We were just sitting and hearing the songs he sang. But in till the light went to are faces and the light blinded him. He started to scream and yell. I just saw one million of eye staring at me. I got so embarrassed and my face was red like a tomato and I had butterflies in my stomach. I just wanted to get out of there so we did before they could kick us out of jack loud yelling.


I went on a camping trip. I was with my friends Delaney, Destiny, and Maddie. We went in the woods to find some wood to make a fire. We wanted a fire because it was getting dark and Maddie was getting scared of all her imaginary monsters. So we got all the wood we needed and headed back. We were almost there until we realized Maddie was gone. After we found her and we  were done making the fire. A squirrel jumped and went in my hair. I started running and it fell off my head.Then we went to sleep.

100wc week#10

There was this old lady walking down streets. She saw this wall made out of bricks. She heard this noise behind it she said it sounded like a gorilla.  BOOM the gorilla smashed the bricks and started chasing the old lady. The old lady started running. She couldn’t run that well because she had this long  pretty yellow dress. The old lady tried to find a spot to hid from a the gorilla. But the gorilla kept finding her and she had to keep running. She ran back home and the gorilla was gone. The old lady was so happy.


I was walking with my friend Delaney. Me and my friend Delaney saw this Lego man on the ground.  Delaney picked  it up and we got a closer look of it. It had a cute camera in his hand. It looked like he was taking pictures. But he couldn’t because he is not real. Me and Delaney wondered if we should take it but we did not take it. We left it where it was and we did not touch it again. We named it Bob for us to remember and then me and Delaney left the Lego man alone.


I was at Destiny’s house. I surprised her by coming over but something went wrong. She was taking a bath in the back yard with her bathing suit.After that I was going to scare her. But I was to clumsily so I fell and made a loud noise. Destiny got scared of the noise and screamed. When she was done screaming I told her to dry up and we can go and watch a movie. Instead we watched two movies. The movie was about a girl that danced and  about a fighter. We got really hungry and ate  a orange. 

100WC – Week 4

I was walking with my friends! I was walking with Destiny, Delaney, and Marley! In till we had to stop because we saw these three statues. The statues were a goat, horse, and bull. They were all animals it was really really creepy. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” said Delaney. Then Destiny went and ran to the goat and hugged it and said “Were best friends”. Then Marley went to the horse and hugged it and the horse statue started going down! Marley was screaming ” HELP HELP” she said to get her off and i did. She was off and we went somewhere else to walk.

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