Oxford Museum field trip

Somethings I learned at the Oxford Museum was that people had to poop in a bucket and I’m going to tell you all the things I learned at the Oxford Museum. One thing that was really cool is their baseball team it was interesting because their bat was a literal stick and their hats were buckets and for football their helmets were leather and that was crazy. In the 1800’s people used to put there wet hair in a jar and make it into a sculpture and when you were sad you put tears in a jar and when the tears evaporated you would go back to your life. And that all about the 1800’s.

Shrek vs. Buff cat

One day Mr Monopoly was giving the giant iron to the head of board games when the iron fell out of his hand and into Shrek’s, he figured it was a gift from donkey so he took it home to iron his clothes but Mr Monopoly was worried because if didn’t want to get his game shut down, he was trying to think of game pieces the boat it couldn’t move, the car to weak, but the cat perfect so he got all of the cats to battle they thought they would destroy him but Shrek destroyed them with donkey.

The attack of the smiling doge

One Sunday morning I was driving to a Detroit Lions football game when I saw a new building and my dad told me that it was called the Renaissance center, since there was a couple hours before the game I asked him if we could take a look inside and he said yes. When we got on the top floor I looked out the window and saw all the little people, but I heard a crack in the glass then the building shook and then my dad grabbed me but I saw something in the window It was a doge.

Unlucky Jim Bob

One morning Jim Bob woke up in the hospital because of a concussion from falling off a pair of tiny roller skates. When he got out of the hospital he realized that it was the beginning of summer. His favorite thing was to swim in pools. The first thing he did was go to the community pool, but when he swam in the pool he saw that the water was yellow. A little boy had started peeing in the pool. Jim Bob started running to his house as fast as he could, but he ended right back in the hospital.

Skateboarding can make anyone brave



Sometimes people ask why do you skateboard well. I have found that there are many ways that skateboarding can make anyone even more brave and do more challenging things.

The first reason why skateboarding can make anyone brave is going down giant ramps. For example, one time me and my friend Parker went to a skate park and I tried to go down an inverted ramp, when I went down I saw my board across the park and next thing you know I’m doing the splits on the concrete. When you go down a ramp you should always feel like a risk taker.

Another reason skateboarding can make anyone a risk taker is doing tricks. For example, me and my friend Lane were doing tricks and he said to try and do an ollie but I have never done it before so I kept practicing and finally I got it right so now I know how to do an ollie. So if you ever try to do an ollie you eventually will be able to do one.

And finally my last reason why skateboarding can make anyone brave is going down hills, for example one time I was going down a giant hill with a tiny skateboard A.K.A. a penny board, but I was really scared but then I realized that it won’t be that scary so when I went down I saw that it was fun. So any time you try to do something like going down a hill always feel like a risk taker.

And so what people need to know is that skateboarding can make anyone brave. Also Tony Hawk once said “you might not make it to the top, but if you keep doing what you love there is much more than being rich or famous”.

The horrible flight

One Saturday morning Bob was enjoying some coffee when he realized that he was going Florida and his flight  leaves today at 8:00, so he got packed up and ready to go. When he got in the car he thought that he was forgetting something but he just kept going. When Bob got to the airport  the first thing he did was rush to the front desk he checked  in but then something happen someone said can I check your pass port he asked but Bob looked every where but he couldn’t find it but then he realized that its tomorrow.

doge desert

One day on a desert in the middle of know where there was two people named Ben and Noah  walking to find a civilization. Finally they found a giant lump sticking out of the ground they started digging, a couple months later thy had a whole town then its name was doge city they started to settle in and they found beds and pillows and even blankets, but there only problem was food Noah suggested that they should make home made food Ben liked that idea so they made home made chicken. So that’s the story of Noah and Ben.

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