The fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One day there was a boy that loved Monopoly. His name was Jerry. He went on vacation and he found an iron from Monopoly. Then he looked up and a cat and a iron were fighting. Jerry’s favorite piece was the iron. He went to go help the iron but they lost. The cat scratched him and ripped off the iron’s handle. They went up to go fight again and the battle went on for one hour.  Jerry went after the cat then the cat went after him and the people were shouting, “Go kid!” 100 times louder than each other!

the earthquake

My friend Jill an I me Jackson were going to Missouri. Then after that we went on the plane, then we got to the other plane so then we took it then we got there. After we got unpacked at hotel the building shook and then we looked out side and there was an earthquake. After the earthquake was over then I went back to my room and it was all messed up. Then we went to go the Kansas City Chiefs  won 49 to Las Vegas Raiders 35 and they won and they went back  there hotel and went to bed.

The weird day

There is a boy and his name is Jim and he was going on a plane. Then he was done on the plane ride then he went to the hotel. After he asked his mom if he can go roller skating. Then he broke his leg then he had to go to the hospital. After that when he got out of the hospital he swam because he was all  good to go. Then he found a tiny toy on the ground of his hotel. Then he told his mom to go on Facebook so then she can post the picture.

The Pacific Ocean Aidan Everitt

One day there was a boy and his name is bill, and he went to the pacific Ocean and he found a big mountain and he went to climb up it. Bill was super close to the top and then he fell off of the mountain and hit the water very hard. After that when his parents went to look for him they found him and then they call the cops, ambulance and the fire department boats. Then they got there but then there was a big gentle white octopus and it had a springing piano in it’s mouth -bye.


Dogs can be annoying in a lot of ways because they whine and are loud. They are also crazy.

My first reason why dogs are annoying is that they are loud. My dog London barks whenever we open any door. Also she runs up to the door and starts barking. Also it is very loud and we have to yell at her to stop. Also we have to hold her back but she still barks. Also when she goes to the front door and sees a dog. 

My second reason dogs are annoying is when they  whine. Dogs whine so much when they have to go to the bathroom. Also she some times comes to get us and whines but some times we say no to her. Also she whines when she sees a deer, cat, fox. Also when she goes to the front door she sees a big or small dog. 

My third reason dogs are annoying is because they are crazy and even bite  some times. Also when London wants to go on a couch or a bed like my brothers or my bed or my mom and dad’s bed and it is very annoying and she whines too much when she wants to go on a bed. London is a rough  dog with her toys and when we get her new toys. Also when we get her a new treat she just gobbles them up and she goes all around the house with her treats but it starts to get a super big mess . Also she finishes  her treat bag right away she is also a big monster about her treats. Also she finishes  her treat bag right away she is also a big monster about her treats.

I realize my dog is annoying in a lot of ways but we still love her. London is a very good dog and she is also very crazy but we still think London is  a super good and fluffy dog.  London is also a very nice and cute.  She is also a very very fun dog to play with.  

London is a very good dog and she is very calm. Also London is loud and obnoxious and, some times are head start to hurt a lot of the time and some times we move  away from her. London is also a super cute dog and we play with her a lot of the time. We also take  her on walks and she is very calm.

THE HORRIBLE DAY: By Aidan Everitt

One day a family  was going to go Hawaii  and they had to fly. Also there names are Tristan, Gavin,the moms name is Sam and last the dads name is Carol. Also the are packing for the trip and they noticed that the got there a little early but then they noticed that they forgot there passport, and then they where the next to go up to get there passports checked and then the man said can I check your passport? he asked. Then the went up there and they told the guy that they forgot they forgot there passport.
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