The Alien Invasion


It was a nice day, and Neil was walking home from school with his friends, Aiden and Jed. “What’s that?” He asked. He was looking at a huge object that seemed to be getting bigger and bigger.

“Uhh, I don’t know!” Jed said. They started running away from where it seemed like it was going to hit, as fast as they could! But they didn’t make it. They could see it coming. They knew they were going to get hit. But they kept running. BANG!! Neil looked behind him.

“WHAT?!?!” He yelled, “That was close!” He was 10 feet away from the U.F.O that had landed.“Jed! Run! ALIENS!!” They were spilling out of the U.F.O like it’s raining! They had green guns, like from a sci-fi movie he once watched.

“We’ve gotta go and tell somebody!” Aiden said. We ran to Jeds house, and told his

mom. Sadly, she didn’t believe us. Suddenly, we heard gunshots. We looked out of the window, and saw some aliens.

“See what I mean?!” Jed yelled at his mom. We got in the car, and started driving away.

“Look out!” Neil yelled. Another U.F.O was coming in hot, and we were right in its path!


He felt like I was floating in the air… All he saw was green…

“Alkinsa Onka Fei” Neil heard. He had no idea what was happening. I flopped on the ground, and saw green faces

“Uhh, what’s happening?” He asked.

“I don’t know!” Said Jed.

“Wait, you’re here too!” Said Neil, happily “I am so glad I’m not alone, we’ve gotta get out of here!” He looked around him, and stood up. “Where are you?” He asked

“Uhh, I don’t know,” Jed replied “All I see is a gray room, and a weird green figure standing right in front of me.”

“Hmm, same.” Neil said. “Wait a minute, his mouth was moving when your mouth was!

“Wait, does that mean that I am an alien right now?” Jed asked. He wasn’t sure if he was or wasn’t, but then, his question was answered…


“What do ya think?” Said an unfamiliar voice. It sounded like an old woman with a sore throughout.

“Who are you? What do you want?” Aiden said. Since when was he here? Well, at least he’s alive!

“Aiden! You’re here too!” Jed said happily, “I am so excited that it isn’t just me and Neil!”

“Where else would he be?” The alien asked, “Why would we leave such a useful creature sitting on the ground, when we can get closer to ruling the universe?”

“Wait, are you going to kill us? Please don’t, I wanna watch T.V shows that are meant for 4 year olds when I’m 10 all the time!” Yelled Jed.

“Why would you want to watch that show?” Neil asked.He was probably just trying to be funny.

He heard a noise, and looked behind him. “What was that?” He asked…


“Get ready…” Said the alien “And, SHOOT!!” 50 million laser beams all shot at us at once. We tried to dodge them, but it was impossible!

“That hurt!” Neil yelled. “I don’t think we stand a chance!”

We ran as fast as we could, and he saw a gun at his feet. “Hey, someone want this?” He asked. He picked it up and waited for an answer, running.

“Uhh, yeah, sure!” Yelled Jed. Neil tossed it over to him and Jed caught it without a problem. “Ok, how do I shoot this thing?” He asked.

“Uhh, I think you press the trigger, unless it is weird and doesn’t have one.” Neil replied. “Maybe it can connect to your brain?”

“Okay, I’ll think about shooting it. Watch out!” Jed yelled. He thought as hard as he could about shooting it, and it shot! Even better, he didn’t have to aim it! “Uhh, this is bad!” He yelled. “They are 100% accurate! I mean, you don’t even have to aim!”

They kept running, and eventually they all got guns. They shot as much as the could, as fast as they could, to escape the aliens. Neil stopped running. “Wait a minute, is this even real?” He asked. “How can this U.F.O be so big?” He asked. They all stopped running.

“Oh yeah! You’re right!” Aiden responded. “I just got shot so much, but it doesn’t hurt!”

“Well, I keep getting shot and it does hurt.” Neil yelled. “Maybe it’s just one alien and the rest are an illusion!”

(This post will get updated with new chapters)


Sorry for not updating this for so long, I forgot.

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