The Night

“Hey guys wake up!” Blue yelled 

“Huh wha” Red asked

“Why are you yelling?” Green said

“LOOK AT THE SKY!” Blue said

“Woah a meteor shower” Green and Red said

“That’s why i woke you guys!” Blue yapped

“But i do wish we could move” Blue added

“Ya” Green and Red agreed

“But this is still a good view” Blue said happily

“Yea” Green and Red agreed

“Sooo how did you sleep?” Blue said as he smiled

“BLUE!!!” Green and Red yelled

“Hehehehhehe” Blue giggled  

“Let just watch the meteor shower ok?’’ Red asked

“Ok!” Blue and green said “Ok”

One thought on “The Night

  • February 2, 2018 at 4:55 pm

    Good story tori!


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