I was so cross!

One wonderful sunny morning,  I toke a nice jog.  I saw a big        poster that said ” free race”. I stopped and thought for a brief moment. I’m going to run this race!  I was so exited, but I had to train. The next morning I  ran 3 miles, I did that for the rest of the week. On Friday I ran then I ate a good healthy dinner. I woke up and got ready.  I heard a gun shot, GO!! I got to the end  but there was a guy behind me he beat me, I was so cross that Urrrrrrgggg!

new game!

One boring old Monday, I was walking home from school. Then at the corner of my eye I saw a poster that said  ” Come get  Mario cart 3″!  I sprinted  right into that store and bought it, but when I checked my pocket and had $3. The game was $10. Then I knew what to do!  I told the cashier I would make him a deal, I have to complete the game for me to keep it. He agreed, and I was hyped. I played right away. my character had a red hat, 1,000 coins, and, there was a huge ladder pavement. I won

Disco Fever

One wonderful day at the park, me and my friends are walking on the sidewalk. We saw a  poster that said ” open mic tonight”. I wanted to do that. So later that night I got ready and went to go sing. There was a Huge crowd! I was terrified, I walked on the stage and I started to sing. OOOHHH FFFRRREEEEEEEE, it was completely out of toon!  Everybody booed! I ran off the stage and ran home. I was humiliated, now everybody is going to make fun of me. But i can practice so I can be better next time!

week 15

One steaming hot day, I was walking down the street with my two friends. My friends names are  Jake and  Fred. The sun was blinding him!  Jake laughed at Fred.  We saw  a  huge mall  and Jake and Fred  wanted to go shop, I disagreed. Well I just had to go with them because, I would be waiting for about 2 hours.  They were finally  done so I could go play NHL 19. My friends were smart enough to leave the room.  I played it till I went to bed. I still think that Fred is running into walls, OUUUUUUUUUUUCH!!!     HAHA!!!!

Lego man /week 7

Once upon a time, there was a  exterminator wanted to kill all the lady bugs in the whole world. One early Monday morning  there was a old lady who discovered   a lady bug. The old  lady is 86 years old.  the exterminator was a hater,because he was a grumpy old teenager  who just wanted to kill all the lady bugs in the city. One day the exterminator  got all  his bug spray and sprayed a whole bunch of lady bugs. the bold lady toke all the lady bugs she could find and put them in her house. the old lady won.
















































































































































weird statues

One windy day, I was playing catch with my friends.  I over threw the ball, and  my friend went to go get it.  He saw this three statues that had a goat, horse, and a bull, sticking out of he ground. He called us all over. what is that, I thought? I think its a really old statue, from like when our parents where kids. what should I do with it  I thought? So me and friends walked home we both had a statue in our hand. We  both showed our parents and they said it was in their house!

week #3

One Saturday morning, I was  just walking to school because I got detention on Friday. As I was walking into thew building I saw a whole bunch of people who got detention running away from the building. It seemed like it was going backwards. my school is going backwards right now I felt a little dizzy as I was looking closer at it. I went to go get an adult  but it seemed like everyone was gone. So I’m on my own now. It turns out that I have super strength and stopped the school from moving backwards.  NO DETENTION!!!!!!

100 word challenge week#2

My teacher climbed a tree, it was tricky. The tree had mauve leaves.Then she went to the lake in Florida, and saw a alligator. The alligator bit my teacher. So the next day my teacher came in the classroom with no arms. So I had to teach the class. I talked about what we going to do for recess. The principled came in, and we where just coming in from outside I was so scared. What do I do? I thought in my head. He  was just checking in with every class. That was close. Now we can go  party.

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