Lighting speed

Run Run now you guys are not making any progress her! come on hurry pleas!!! they are catching up to us. OK  i said grab on i cant run faster JUST DO IT. I rain with all i had in me and by they time i new it i had done it.

Oh hello there my name is Lighting and that when i realized i had powers. i was just 7 years old and a old man with a cane stared ruing after my and that when i noticed i had lighting speed. and right after i changed my name it lighting.

Week #25 The loft.

”Good morning how is every one”
Great woo! What is that? Its a loft. WOW! we should have one of those in our classroom.
But do you think if we tell our teacher about it she might think its not safe.
No! Of course not she love things just like this. OK I replied. But we will be need a lot of thing like pillow blankets an a latter
Our teacher would never spend that much money for a loft! Yes she would. Well lets just go tell her tomorrow.
We walked in the next morning we had a loft!!

Week 24 The giant tea cup from outer space.

One normal day I was going outside to play in the garden. I saw something shooting down from the sky. It looked like a tea cup but I knew it could not be one. I ran back inside and it crashed in the grass, it was actually a tea cup! I was so surprised  it did not break. I went outside to explore and saw some things written on it. It said  “from the world of giants.” I could not believe it.  If the cup actually came from some giant this could be a big discovery for the whole world!

Week 19 – The dream

Wow!! Look at the time!!! Mom its 8:30 its time to go down to the bus.

Oh my mom hoped in to the car we drove down to the bus!! sliping and sliding all down the rode.

I jumped out of the car and rain to the bus stop and i looked away for one quick second… and my backpack  was gone!!! oh no i said. my face was as bright as a tomado…. All that was in my had was my bus driver yelling at me with his deep vice! I jumped on the bus. And we where there!!

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