The Race: By Parker week 27

I woke up this morning ready for the big day.It was the farthest race ever it was 1 mile the people racing were the 5 time champ Nolan and the kid who has never raced before Parker Bennion I was commentating.The race starts in 5 minutes I rushed down there but there was no one there so I  look at my watch and I was an hour early the only people there were Nolan Parker and the News people we waited until every one was there.Then the race started.Although he ran quickly he was still not making enough progress.Parker still won racing

peter dunks week 25

Today I went to Luke’s house.It was a Saturday so we could stay there for a while.Once Peter got their we went to oes to play basketball.We played on the preschool hoop so we could dunk.We played like 15 games then we got bored so we went to the big hoops to play and it was a lot  more fun.The teams were me and Peter because Luke was the best.I had the ball I passed it to Peter and he forgot the hoops were big and went to dunk and he actually did I said how did he get up there.

the teacup week24

I got out of bed and noticed there was a tea cup on my windowsill. I walked over to it and it hoped away.I tried to catch it but it was to fast.So when I got to school today I had math and when I got to class the teacup  was on my desk.So after school I ran home trying to get away from the tea cup then I finaly got away from it and I was very tired. so I went to the garage and the tea cup was huge it was at least 20 feet tall the end.

Week 23 – THE DREAM

Today started off like a normal day.Like Peter singing big green tractor and Derek doing math.As the day went on I got very bored it felt like we did the exact same thing yesterday.I got so bored I fell asleep. I was having the best dream I was in charge of all my friends.We went to play basketball and all of my friends were doing what I was doing so I jumped and they jumped.Then I could here someone yelling my name. My teacher is who it was she said i’m in charge I said what if i was in charge.

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