Iron vs. Iron man

One day in Michigan iron man was flying threw the air and then out of nowhere, a piece of iron hit Iron Man in the face and iron man crashed to the ground. Then the piece of iron came to the ground and said, “i am the real iron not you.” Then iron man said, “i’m iron man your iron no i’m the only iron you faker. Then iron man hit iron in the face and then he said” you are iron i’m iron man”. Ooh I get it now i’m iron and your iron man I get it now.

The swamp

One day Lucas was grabbing his tiny yellow roller skates because he wanted to go on a ride. So he grabbed the roller skates and went on his way. A little bit later he was at the park and he was roller skating around and then he tripped into a swamp. And then Shrek came out and said, “Get out me swamp boy!” And than Lucas swam away as fast as he could and got out and got on his roller skates. So after he went to the hospital to get a checkup because he thought the was messed up.

 Its Important to be Thankful by Landon

Have you ever noticed how much our parents do for us?  You should read this because you will notice how much parents do for us.  What people need to know is that mom and dad are the best. They will get us things, take us to fun places and spoil us with so! much love 

It is important to be thankful because parents do so! much for us. They will buy us clothes, food, games, electronics vbucks too.I remember when my mom after school we went to a ice cream place to get ice cream. And I got amazing cookies and cream It was incredible and I remember when my dad got me vbucks. And my dad was not supposed to but he did so that’s why I’m thankful for him.

It is important to be thankful because parents help us with school. They get us up for school, and make breakfast and they will drive us to school. So we can be smart to have a good job and get us clothes to wear to school and shoes to wear to school so we don’t go barefoot to school.   

It is important to be thankful because our parents will take us to fun places. I remember it was the weekend and my mom took me to the trampoline park. It was really fun I bounced around so much and we went there and we went just when it opened so we had it just for ourselves for a long time and I bounced around every where  and I was so thankful after the tramplean park. Parents take us to fun places.

I am so thankful for my mom and dad for all they do for me.What people need to know is that mom and dad are the best things that ever happened  to us. In their whole lifetime they pay for food your house bed. And everything else so this is why we should be thankful for our parents. 

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