Legs are falling!!!!! week 28

Legs are my problem. Yes legs, i’ll explain………….

One day Parker,  Peter, and I went to play basketball. When we got to the court some older kids were there. We wanted to play on that court but the older kids chased us into the woods. We ran so far into the woods it felt like we ran to Canada.

“Where are we?” Parker asked.

“I don’t know,” Peter said. Then a tree that looked exactly like legs popped out of NOWHERE!!!!!!!!

It landed right on top of me! Peter and Parker ran leaving me.

“HELP” I screamed.  No one came.

The race week 27

One day Nolan, Peter, and I were going to run a race.We were trying to beat Usain Bolt.We had a twenty minute head start.Nolan took off ahead, Peter quickly followed,Although they ran quickly  they still were not making enough progress.They sprinted and used all their energy, I overtook them them but Nolan caught up and later so did Peter.We could see the finish, the crowd was going wild.

“Hey where Usain,” Nolan asked

He was right we hadn’t seen Usain pass us yet Nolan got to the finish first

“I beat Usain Bolt ha”he said

“not today,”Usain said.

Treehouse week 25

One day  Parker, Nolan, and Luke came over to watch Harry Potter, for we had just finished the book.My mom made us play outside until Luke arrived.

When Luke arrived he said

“I have spare wood in my dad’s car, we could use it.”

“Treehouse, I’ll go find the perfect tree.” Parker said.

Nolan, Luke, and I took the wood and went searching for Parker.Luke and I carried a giant floorboard so it was hard to walk fast .

“Woah had how did he get up there” Nolan screamed.

Then there  we saw Parker at the top of a ginormous tree.

The Teacup 100wc week 24

One day Nolan, Parker, and Peter came  running up to me saying a space ship crashed into my backyard.

We ran to the yard and to my surprise a giant teacup landed there.

Parker goes you apply for landmark status. Then out of no where people with four eyes and ten noses came up and told us we had to bury some of the teacup before 12:00 am.

“What time is it,” I ask

“Time for you to get a watch,” Peter replies.

“It’s 11:58 we need to hurry “Parker says.We barely got any done.

The aliens thank us. Then zombies came.

Week 23 – The Leader

This is not good. We are stuck in a jungle. The six of us, Peter, Parker, Luke, Nolan, Chase, and I are in the thickest forest.

“OK, I’m taking charge. Parker and Nolan have tried to lead,”Luke said.

But what if I was in charge?” Chase asked.

Then Luke and Chase got in a fight.  I went up and told them they need to stop and we will take a vote.

It was anonymous. All the votes went to…….. PETER!!!!!

He gave us strange devices that looked like wakki-takki’s but he called them takki-wakki’s then there was a loud scream.



On a muddy day Dalton, Peter, Luke, Nolan, and I were at Frosty Boy.We were looking for food because we were in the forest for 10 days!Nolan and Luke thought it was a good place to look because it flooded and no one went there now.So Peter Searched near the drive-thru, Luke looked under the tables, Dalton and I tried to looking at the roof, and Nolan looked for a way in, and he found one!We went inside and found peanuts  then they disappeared!So Nolan, Peter, Luke, and I went outside.Dalton hit the drainpipe. Then the peanuts came out the drainpipe!

And Ketchup

“Hey you over there,your name is pepper right?”asked Salt shaker.
“Yeah my names Pepper super shaker,”Pepper said.
“Hey dudes,”a stranger said.
“Who are you,”Salt and Pepper asked, fractiously.
“I’m Ketchup Bottle”Ketchup bottle said.
“Oh, my friend Mustard is missing,”Ketchup said.
“Well that’s just awful,”Salt Shaker Said.
“Apparently she was stolen by a man named Relish,”Ketchup whispered.
“The Relish,”Salt said.
“We need to save her before she gets in a pickle,”pepper said.
“OH NO!”“Oh, I’m sorry I was so rude,”Salt Shaker said.
“Why are you here,”snapped Pepper.

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