Legs Week:28

I was walking through the forest. Then I fell. I looked down and I had no legs. I looked up and my legs were running away from me. I tried running with my arms but that didn’t work. Then a guy driving a car grabbed me by my shirt. We started chasing after my legs. Finally we got my legs. After we got my legs I asked who that guy was but by the time I could ask he was gone. Where did he come from? I found his business card on the ground and his name was Jeff Biwey.


I was walking around trying to find my cat. I looked all around the house trying to find him. I posted posters,asked my friends if they had seen him. But I still couldn’t find him. Then one day I gave up. About two hours later I went on the roof to get a tennis ball,but then I heard a “MEOW”. I looked up there and there was my cat. I called my friend to tell him I found him. “How did he get up there?”
“I don’t know,at least I found my weird cat on the roof.”

The Tennis Ball

I was playing outside and I threw a tennis ball on the roof. I got another one and threw it one the roof. I looked in the garage and there were no tennis balls left. I got a ladder and went on the roof. There were at least twenty tennis balls. I wondered where all the tennis balls came from. I tried to pick the tennis ball up but it was stuck. I punched the gutter,one ball fell out. I punched the gutter again eight-teen more came down. I punched the gutter one more time it came down the drainpipe.

Pepper And Salt

“What do you want to do today?” Said salt.
“IDK!” Pepper exclaimed.
“Well,we could invite Bob”
“He is boring”
“We could invite Jim and Jimmy”
“No,they argue to much”
“Maybe we could go swimming
“Ok lets go”
Ten minutes later Salt and Pepper were at the pool.
“Want to go to the diving board?”said Salt.
“I am going to go down the slide,”As Pepper said walking away.
When they were done swimming they went home.
“Let’s eat carrots,”Said Pepper.
“Ok,”As Salt said going to the couch.
“These carrots are very good,”Exclaimed Pepper happily.

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