The Earthquake!!!!!!!

One day I was at my house watching TV and the power went out and the house was black all black and my mom yelled duck down! I felt the house shaking side to side.  It was an earthquake! After five minutes was over and everything was wrecked, my house, everything, I was sad. I was worried about my friends Angel, Cruse, and Roman. “Are they OK?” I walked around. My mom was OK. My sis is OK. Good. My dog is OK. Good. This was weird. I checked the earthquake scale. It was a big one, but we survived!

My Broken arm.

One time I was on my roller blades and fell on the side wallk and broke my arm and was rosht to the haspitol and they sade  “Well its broken”. I had to stay at the hastibol that night mom stade with me all night long even croz came to viset me he gave me a yelloe swimeng tube and sade “ben wen you go swim with me” “ok” so that night I went home and slept in my bed and one month later I was held  and I wend to swim in the tiney pool and sat in hottub.


People should think that guitars are important because they are not being sold.


One reson is you can xplor the sound of music and learn to toon it with the tuners on top for the tippey top also if the tooners go on line. One more reason is you can go online and get   many  sizes to make concert. Another says it’s like Kenny Chesney’s but Dave Matthews’ guitar is a lot smaller. You can create event and play with friends and family like every musician does you can play with your friends that would be fun but and of those families can become friends like the mom and the dad in the sister You could also talk to your parents about getting a guitar and playing with it sometimes you have to take lessons if you’re really bad at first if you’re really good at first you might not have to take lessons but either way you have to take lessons sometimes lessons might be hard but they’re not really that hard.

The best days ever!!!

To day was the worst day ever till I went to school at school I made a friend his name was Cruise and me are best friend,s. But that night I was scared that Cruise wood be hurt I went for a walk to Cruise haws and every thing was okay I was scared for nothing so I slept well that night.To day is the second day of school Cruise was not their I was not scared.It is the last day of school Cruise is her and I am happy to it is all most sumer and I am scared.

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