Doctor Strange vs Thanos.

Thanos was climing a 100 foot tower. With the infinity gauntlet dreading, to claim the reality stone .the tower shook and then, almost dropping Thanos 50 feet in the air. When he reached the top, Doctor Strange was ther waiting for him. Thanos ran for the stone but, when he touched the stone it faded to mist. Doctor Strange smiled it, was an illusion all of a suddin the stones on the gauntlet vanished. Doctor Strange used the time stone on the gauntlet to were Thanos never collected the other stones. Thanos charged at Doctor strange but he vanished and Thanos fell.

Encanto is the best movie ever

When I first watched Encanto I was amazed by the suspense, the songs, and the laughs and I’m sure you will too. It inspired me to paint my bedroom door in yellow glow in the dark paint where my hobbies are my gifts. It could do that to you too.

Encanto is the best movie because if you listen to the songs once or twice you’ll remember them by heart. My personal favorite is we don’t talk about bruno. Yours could be surfas pressure or waiting on a miracle. So many songs but only one you so you choose your favorite.

Another reason Encanto is the best movie is there’s mystery! The first mystery is why is isabella so mean to mirabel. Is it because she doesn’t have a gift? The second reason is what is in everybody else’s rooms? Does Dolores have instruments in her room? Does Camilo have a shape shifting room? Does Pepa have clouds you can relax on in her room?

The last reason Encanto is the best movie is you can make a theory about what Encanto two is going to have! I think Mariano  and Dolores are going to be married. Mirabel is going to be the new candle holder and we’ll see everyone elses rooms.

I hope you had fun reading this as much as I did writing it. Oh one more thing I want you to make an Encanto craft. You can make it anything you want art, science, and even food. So get off the computer and watch Encanto.

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