The dog cone

Landon was getting his yellow roller skates when he heard a big thud and splash! When Landon turned around he saw his sister Olive was itching her neck for some reason. She swam to the stairs and said “My neck itches from hitting it on the side of the pool”

“That’s weird” Landon said. Thirty minutes later they were inside the tiny hospital in their town when they heard Olive might be getting a cone? When she was in the hospital bed, Landon asked her mom what was gonna happen? He turned around and saw Olive in a dog cone!

One thought on “The dog cone

  • March 27, 2022 at 7:17 am

    Oh, poor Olive! You have used the prompt words in an imaginative way, Kienan, and your story moves at a good pace. I like the combination of ‘a big thud and a splash’. That describes what happened really clearly.


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