life of a party part2

The sand was very rough on my face. I hated it. I got up, everywhere I saw was sand and junk. I kept walking, it was night. I couldn’t see a thing, except for sand and junk. I walked for miles. Then, I saw fire. Fire. Little spaceships were taking off leaving the village on fire. A person in black was going back to spaceship with giant wings. He had a laser sword. A little spaceship was parked on fire – I’m guessing it got captured by the man in black. A little ball droid hit me and I fell to the ground. It snorted at me in a snarkey manner. It started going in the

direction of east. I walked for miles. I saw a little spaceship parked and I thought to myself, “I’m going to steal that.” Right as I started running towards it, it blew up! I saw another spaceship with the ball droid and two people running towards it. It was the same orange and white ball droid that was snarky. I was in another village. A person, well, I’m not sure if it was a person, knocked me down. It was holding a blaster with a tripler on it to my face.Get of!¨i said then he spoke in a language i didn’t know.i got up saying¨go away¨ but he did not go away he said¨lets take this guy to undar ¨no¨oh and i punched him in the face ¨I SAID GO¨and he went the space ship i saw last night was there FIXED!whew my fur was blazing hot i jumped in the space ship it was i bit cooler than outside heres what it looked like:Image result for resistance x wing on jakku

it was ready to go then two big ships were in space above i said here comes a hot pursuit

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  • March 6, 2018 at 5:08 pm

    good your typing/writing is improving


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