Joe and Jamie

“Joe come on!” Jamie exclaimed

“you don’t want to be late!”Jamie screamed…..

The kids were running late to school.  so they had to run to school.

“Why are we not moving.” Joe yelled!

As Jamie noticed that they were not going any were.

Although they ran very quickly, they were still not making enough progress.

“JOE!”Jamie screeched.

“Try to stop” Jamie cricked

“I can’t”Joe screamed once more.

“Boom!” “Crash!”It was captain diaper baby to save us.

“I am here to save you”The baby giggled.

“well come on”Jamie said.

captain diaper baby shot down from the sky and saved them all.

week 25 The magical girl

“Oh my gosh!”

“How did she get up their!”

“She look’s so scared!”

“How is a little girl on a bright rainbow screaming.”

“We need to get her down now!”

“Should we get her a magic carpet to ride down on.”

“Or does she not know how to ride on one.”

“I don’t know she is not in my family!!!”

Soon we had no other choose but to call the pencil’s (The police).  The police would not hurry down ,they said that she would just have to wait.  Soon before we knew it she was off right into the rainbow.


One day took a walk in the park and saw a huge tea cup.  Also a tiny little hole right in the middle of it.  The hole had a little rabbit  right in the middle of it.  The little rabbit whispered to me “Follow me and i will show you were you can succeed”.  I jumped into the hole and fell into a land made of cotton candy.  The land was amazing it had houses and logs made from stone candy.  The bunny jumped in-front of me and said “No thins was not meant to happen go back to earth.

What Would it Be Like

   The queen of the world is so mean she treats us like we are nothing “seriously”.  But what if I was in charge of being queen for the day. I would first wake up in the most fancy bed.  buy everyone a pizza.  So they would help themselves  be able to eat.  Also I would be nothing like the true queen.  She is rude I truly think I would be much better of a queen.  though a few minutes after I finished thinking my  mom said “Get ready wake up now”!  So I got up  and ran down satires.

Monster Bite!

“OMG”! What is that I said as I looked  up the drain pipe. A Monster I thought to my self as I ran back home! I ran inside and told my Mom she said”it was probably  just my crazy  imagination”, so I ran  to the drain pipe one more time.Than  saw it staring at me. It walked right out of the drain pipe and bit me! I screamed, than it leaped over me into the neighbors yard  right up into their drain pipe! I ran inside and told my Mom she said not to NEVER EVER EVER  their again!

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