Watch Out For That Tree

one day I went in the woods with my famly. we saw a tree in the woods. My mom said watch out for that tree. then I fell off my bike . We had to get a bandage for me. My mom and dad said are you okay. I said I am okay I said.Then we went to get some ice crem at the stroy. We went on the path to go home.There was a pool in the woods. My sister and my brother want to go to the park. We went on the swing. We had a fun in the park.

the light blinded him

One day a boy saw a lont of plastic on the sand so he punt the plastic in a resiclin bine for the plastic. That nint the boy was so sad that a baerd died on the grown by his house.The boy tell his mom that he fond a died berad on the grown.I was tring to help the berad on the grown so I can give it to you so you can help the bread. My mom tuke the plastic out

At the Dance Class – 100WC Week 6

One day I went to a dance class. It had kids there.  So, we had to find a spot on the floor and danced. So we all started to dance. We had to get in groups. We all stared to dance together. A girl said, “are we done yet?” The teacher said, “no, we are not done yet.”  We had to stop dancing. Then we started to dance. We had a snack in the  gym. We had to go out side for some thinking. We stay in the gym. Then we had to find  our mom out there. was fun.

Dancing Animals

Once upon a time there was a goat, a horse and a bull. They were dancing in the woods. They were lost in the woods. Then they found a way out of the woods. They found a school and danced around crazy. Students in a 5th grade class saw the animals.  They wanted to build a home  in the woods. They found some sticks and wood to build it. Then all the animals went inside to clean their home. When they are done cleaning their home they went back to school when they are done with math they had fun.

100WC #3 The Zoo

one sunny day I went to the zoo and saw some animais . I went with a grop and saw a  kagrow or a mukey and other animais. we went to see a polerber in the water. We saw the wolf and grilas or frogs.but it seemed to be going backwards at the zoo.Then we saw some mour animaisat the zoo.We where still at the zoo. then we saw the limers and the buterfiys and the berds there. we  saw the  snaks and the crokudiles and lisedrs in the cag. we  had  to go onthe bus the school bus and go .


I went to school today

one day I went to school and  saw Mrs. hay  with a mauve shirt. she is the best teacher ever. she gives me a   lot of  hugs.  when  I go to lunch she  gives me a lot of  hugs. she is the best  alligator ever. She sends me to Mrs.Graft  room to work on math to help me. then she sends me bank to the class room . we all work on writing  in our class. when we are down  she sent  me and my friend Miley  to Mrs.graft to do reading in her class room. when we are done  working.


One day the robot  hand is in the ground he got his hand stuck in the ground. The robot has a stick in his hand he fell underground and got his hand stuck in the ground. The robots hand got free and he got the stick free from the ground. The robot hand is in the city, and the people took a bunch of pictures of the hand. How did the robot find the stick in his hand. the robot got stuck in the trees. Why did the robot look where he was going before and then the robot left

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