Me and Dalton were in the woods when we came across huge legs next to a tree and we started laughing so hard we called our friends and told them all about how we came across the legs but I stopped laughing when I heard a creepy noise from the leg So I backed away and stopped and stood silent for a few minuets but I heard nothing but then Dalton heard a noise and he told me about the sound he heard. It was the same exact sound I heard.”Dalton did you hear that again?”yeah why?” Its really STOMP!”

The Big 120 WEEK #27

Gnomes are creepy Although they ran quickly,they were still not making enough progress running from me because I was to fast for them. So I searched for all of the gnomes before I got the victory royal in my game of Fortnite! I went on with my game and got 11 kills! And if I win this game I will have 120 wins and that is a lot of wins then I will be 2 tiers away from the reaper the 100 tier character then when I get that I can get the 100 tier glider that is really cool now I can frighten enemies!



My dog buster is a English bulldog and he got on top of the kitchen counter but how did he get up there he is small? How could this have happened? I went outside to get a water and I get back inside and ” POOF!” he’s on the kitchen counter but how!? Did someone put him up there, did he use a chair? But he’s to small to even reach the chair so again how did he get up there? Now there is only one explanation he’s MAGIC! Or I’m having a really weird and awkward dream? ”YAWN!” Good morning.












Wishes – Week: 24

Wishes but what if I was in charge? If the wishes were good ones that everybody would want I wouldn’t give it to them but if they work hard and wished for it then you’re wish is granted. But see now this is why I wouldn’t just give people what they want they have to really want it! And they need it unless they cant work for it because their sick and don’t have the best life. But I think everyone deserves a great life or at least a decent life. Another reason is that people need a second chance!  


I was walking down the street until I saw it come down the drainpipe it was big and red. I didn’t have enough time to fully see what is was until IT came up and stared me down but I didn’t hesitate! I turned around and ran but it didn’t bother to run after me so as I turn with sweat down my neck it finally decides to run after me so once again I turn around and bolt back towards  my house as I’m running back i hear footsteps getting closer every foot step UNTIL i felt a hand.

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