Claire when I was hiking

         One day I was hiking with Maddie. Me and her are best friends. we started to get really hot. Maddie was so hot she started sounding funny. Or it could have been I was hearing things. Me and Maddie had these cool walking sticks too. Me and Maddie found a place ton sit right on the water. Finally we got to sit in the water and cool of. Then we started headed back. Maddie’s mom was there to pick us up. How was it she said . Really hot me and Maddie said.  We will go back. On a cooler day.

week 6 wc The Dancing Turtle

One day i was just exercising and doing some others thing, then after i saw this turtle and it was dancing! It was the weirdest turtle i had ever saw in my whole inter life. It looked like he was taking a bath to. It was a orange dancing turtle. It also looked like it was a fighting turtle to. I was terrified when i saw the orange dancing and fighting turtle. When i saw that the turtle was not moving i realized that he was clumsily. When it was turning to night time he had to go to sleep.

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