Oxford Museum field trip

In this field trip I learnd lots of things of oxford’s history. The most intrsting I learnd in my opinion was the sports stuff that was awsome the thing i most wonderd was why sports were like that back then there was a bat that just looked like tree wood. I loved the museum trip I lernd so much about Oxford’s history. Also there were alot of old farm tools and pictures of houses it was cool and they had to go in the bathroom in pots, and one of the oxford baseball players was on the tigers and he skiped one of the tigers games to play in oxford that field trip was awsome

Oxford Museum

My Favorite part of the museum was the big glass with the stuff about the lone ranger and the radio lone ranger. Also did you know that the dentist was also the barber. And if it was cold outside back then and you could not go outside so when you would have to go to the bathroom you would have to go to the bathroom in a bucket. Also if you had a toothake they had no shots to numb it so they would rip it out of your mouth. These are some things I learned at the oxford museum.

the oxford museum

Hi my favorite part of the museum was when we learned about when oxford was a gravel pit and, the saloon was also the dentist. I learned that the high school was very small and it was where the old fire station was. Also when you had a bad tooth you would have to go to the barber shop and get your teeth puled out, can you believe that the dentist was also a barber shop. The last thing i learned was that was oxford was once the gravel capital of the world and where water stone is used to be a gravel pit.

The fancy iron

One day an old lady came in an old iron shop. She was looking for one perfect iron because her iron broke when she was ironing some clothes. She kept looking until she saw the perfect iron. It was beautiful, light pink, shiny,  fancy and it even had a ribbon on it! She picked the fancy iron up and  said to the lady ”Hello mam I would like to buy this fancy iron please.” After the old lady paid for the fancy iron she got in her car and went home. When she got home she got her wrinkly clothes.

Shrek vs Phil da iron

one day Shrek was looking for his iron, but it can not find it so he eats soup and go’s to bed with his teddy bear. the next day he finds Phil eating walnuts “Phil can you iron me clothes” “no” said, Phil “then I will fight you” said, Shrek. Shrek punches Phil. Phil turns him self on “rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” “oh oh me hot ” Shrek trips on a rock and falls into the swamp “oooo me like the swamp” Shrek gets out and takes a mud shower then eats 1 gallon of soup Phil also irons his feet and clothes. the end

The crazy but fun day

One day I was with my friends on a bike ride and then out of no were it started a huge down poor of rain! Emma said “peddle as fast as you can!” Claire said ‘just run and don’t slip!” Blake said “go uh mm……..” Then the building shook and then Blake said “Lexi’s house!” I said “Yes, come to my house, follow me!” So we rode our bikes to my house. We got to my house and dried off then we played cards and talked about the crazy but fun time we had on our bike ride that day!      

Encanto is the best movie ever

When I first watched Encanto I was amazed by the suspense, the songs, and the laughs and I’m sure you will too. It inspired me to paint my bedroom door in yellow glow in the dark paint where my hobbies are my gifts. It could do that to you too.

Encanto is the best movie because if you listen to the songs once or twice you’ll remember them by heart. My personal favorite is we don’t talk about bruno. Yours could be surfas pressure or waiting on a miracle. So many songs but only one you so you choose your favorite.

Another reason Encanto is the best movie is there’s mystery! The first mystery is why is isabella so mean to mirabel. Is it because she doesn’t have a gift? The second reason is what is in everybody else’s rooms? Does Dolores have instruments in her room? Does Camilo have a shape shifting room? Does Pepa have clouds you can relax on in her room?

The last reason Encanto is the best movie is you can make a theory about what Encanto two is going to have! I think Mariano  and Dolores are going to be married. Mirabel is going to be the new candle holder and we’ll see everyone elses rooms.

I hope you had fun reading this as much as I did writing it. Oh one more thing I want you to make an Encanto craft. You can make it anything you want art, science, and even food. So get off the computer and watch Encanto.

The day with Blake

One day we were on our way to the pool. We pasted the farmers market and the hospital. We also pasted the Roller Skates For Mates shop. We finally got to the pool. I swam while Blake went to get some popsicles for us. Right Then right there BOOM  a down poor stared! So I hoped out of the pool and ran under the umbrella with Blake. We ate our popsicles. We laughed and laughed about the one time we go to the pool and there is a down poor! So that was the wired but fun day with Blake!

Parents are amazing! by Mariah G.

Our parents sometimes can be hard on us because they are trying to teach us good things so when we grow up we will be a good person. Also some parents are really strict on us because they love us and care about us! They also want us to be kind and caring to people in the world. they want us to help people and stand up for people. 

One reason why our parents try to keep us so clean is because if we did not have parents in the world and there were just kids in the world it would not be good! and it would be crazy! they would eat junk food and candy and even make the house filthy!

Another reason is we can also try to listen to our parents and respect them. the last reason is our parents can teach us how how to cook ,clean and anything else! You should also ask your parents to teach you how to learn stuff. Once my mom Took me to a very fancy restaurant And they had very unique and fancy food that I never tried before and I tried it and I actually liked it because my mom made me try it. If I never had tried it I would never had liked it! Have you ever tried dumpling Vegetable soup it’s so good I love it now it’s my favorite soup! You should totally try it! Parents are amazing because they make you try new things.

Our parents try to keep us healthy and safe! And if you don’t have a Mom or dad and you live with your aunt or uncle or Grandma and Grandpa. That’s totally okay! They support you and take care of you! So don’t think your  parents are mean they love you! My mom always says to me what happens in the dark always comes to light. That means if you don’t listen to your parents you might never get to learn. And when your older and someone asks you how to do that thing that you didn’t listen to your parents about like it could be cooking, fixing things, bake or anything else. And you always should listen to your parents!

Being an only child

You may not want to have a sibling. You may not have anyone to play with you. I think being an only child would be bad because you can get lonely, bored, and you have to go wherever your parents go.

 Being an only child would be lonely because you won’t have anyone to play with you. Even if you have your parents in the house they are not going to be able to play with you and that would make you feel lonely. Your parents are going to have to finish their work they have to do for the day. You can’t just stay on the couch and do nothing at all. You would also get lonely from time to time.

The next reason is being an only child would be boring because when you have done every single thing you can think of, it would make you really bored. If you have someone to prevent you from getting bored. If you just on the couch it would make you bored. Like not all the time but it would get boring sometimes.

 The last reason is about the bad things about being an only child. The bad things about being an only child is that when your parents have to go to the food store or just about anywhere. You have to go with them which is really annoying sometimes because when you are doing your thing and in your pajamas and your parents come in and tell you to change just because they’re going to some random party that they got invited too.  

 These are the reasons why it’s bad being an only child. You can get lonely, bored, and you have to go wherever your parents go. Also, you should appreciate your siblings because they are there for you.

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