Evil vs Good

It was a normal day and the a the clouds came rolling in the sky went black and BOOM a giant iron was falling from the sky and the aliens and villains appeared out of nowhere everybody was screaming and then the heroes came and there was a epic battle everyone was hiding and everyone started to charge with there swords it was world war 3 and eventually it all stopped and the heroes won and everybody celebrated and all the villains went back home and hopefully they never come back again because that was so so scary and Really wired.

Oxford Museum

On our field trip to the oxford museum I learned that to play a piano you had to pump air into it to play it. And if you stop pumping  air into it the piano with slowly  stop and then not work until you pump more air. Also back in the day girls when they brush there hair they would not throw away the hair they had this little thing that the would stuff the hair in, And then make it into a work of art. They took each strand of hair and wrapped it on  a piece of wire  and would make it into something. For example one was made into flowers. Another interesting thing is that when you were sad and but your tears into a little jar when someone you love passed. Once the tars would dry then every thing would go back to normal and you would start going back to normal in life. There were so many cool things and one of my favorites was seeing the photo of Where Meijer sits now. because it was so cool to see how much we have changed. and it was also so cool that that they would make concrete trucks and the big trucks before they even had roads. and it would take one day to come from Rochester to oxford.  and dentist were called barbers. Also when they said a pinch of salt they had little glass cups that you would take a pinch of salt from it and put it in a recipe or what you needed it for. Also when fire fighters had to put on there sirens they would have to crank a wheel so that it would work. And when you would do laundry you had to put alot of work into it. For example  you would have to take buckets and fill it then add your clothes iron them by hand, and while you were washing them you had to crank a wheel in usually a dark room. And you had to do it for about twenty or thirty minutes just cranking the wheel to make it wash the clothes. The oxford museum was such a fun experience and a really fun filed trip. I really enjoyed going to the oxford museum. I learned so much from it.

Oxford Museum field trip

Somethings I learned at the Oxford Museum was that people had to poop in a bucket and I’m going to tell you all the things I learned at the Oxford Museum. One thing that was really cool is their baseball team it was interesting because their bat was a literal stick and their hats were buckets and for football their helmets were leather and that was crazy. In the 1800’s people used to put there wet hair in a jar and make it into a sculpture and when you were sad you put tears in a jar and when the tears evaporated you would go back to your life. And that all about the 1800’s.

Oxford Field trip

          “Today I went to the Oxford Museum for are class field trip, I will tell you what happens” “We walked to the museum it was only a block away.” ” All the boys where trying to make the cars honk, it was so vary funny. When we got in to the building we got split up in to gorps. One gorp whet down stairs one stared. One thing I learned was that the kids in the olden days everyone would have to work and the kids would too. Then I learned that if it was cold and at night you would have a chamber pot under there the bed, if they had to go to the bathroom they would get the chamber pot from under the bed and…! I learner that a girl would brush there hair and keep it. they would make a picture out of it. We went in to the big spot then we learned that when they waned to play to piano they had to use the food spot and make it full of air. Then we went down stars. we learner of what they had to use and how to get ice and how they washed there closes too. Then out of no where a big big picture Brock it was so scary, the people asked like it was no big deal. then we went to a hall way where we learned about Oxford back than! It was so fun, you should go!

Oxford historical Museum

At the oxford historical Museum I saw things that if I was alive when the things were there like. A fridge that to keep cool you have to have someone bring ice to your house and they put the ice in a box and on the other side there is the food for the ice to keep cool. Also there is a thing that if one of your family dies then back then people would cry a lot so they would take a bottle and fill the bottle with tears and wear black. When the tears evaporate that is when you can get back to your life and stop wearing black and move on with your life. Another thing is, 3D glasses I saw a picture of wolfs they looked like they were there. Back then you could not just do nothing all day even playing a piano had hard work. You had to pump air in to a bag so the piano. That is all of the amazing things I saw at the oxford historical Museum.

Oxford Museum!

Today Mrs.Terry and Mrs.Marvin took my hole class to the Museum. It was so fun! I learned that in the olden days people had to go to the bathroom in a chamber pot. Also there was a lot of fun different things that I saw. Also I saw old schools and alot of old thing. Also we waled there I walked by all of my BFFs and a bunch of people honked at us and we all got so excited. And it was just our class I had a blast! I hope I can go again with my family.


The Oxford Museum

The oxford Museum is about stuff back in the days. Stuff they used instead of the stuff we have now. The Museum was made in 1975. The Museum was a the Oxford Bank but it is now the Oxford Museum. Like some of the electric stuff we have they had heated stoves and they had to work for like 1 hour turning the handle and rinsing the water then drying it in the dark basement or cellar. They also did not throw anything out so when they took there hair off there brush they would store it in a container and save it for when they are bored in the winter and so they use the hair to make an art work or use horse hair to make couches. You should take your family some day and have them remember what they used.

The Oxford Museum

Today we went to the Oxford Museum. It was very fun this is what we learned, You had to step on something to pump the air so they could play the piano, Have you ever heard some on say ”Pinch of salt”? Well in the old an days they had these little containers that ha salt in them and you would to pinch the salt. The Oxford Museum was a bank and now it is a Museum. The Oxford Museum was build in 1975. They have stuff we don’t have now like Headed stoves they had some troubles heating it. I really recommend going there!

oxford Museum visit

Today I visited  Oxford Museum for a school filed trip. And I liked it. One of the things they taught me was that barbers where dentist back then. The thing I liked the most is where in one part of the museum they showed us how fire trucks would have the alarm when there was a fire.  So what they did was that the fire alarm of the fire truck had a circle that was colored black and on the back of it it had a leaver so then one of the fire fighters would spin the leaver and it would make the alarm so people would know theirs a fire. They also taught us that the Oxford Museum used to be the Oxford bank.

Oxford Museum

One day Mrs Hay’s class went to the Oxford Museum! We were so exited, the whole class walked there. When we got there, and are class had to split up! We learned that you have to crank the washing meshing to clean your close. Also if you have to go to the bathroom at night you have to go in a chamber pot! Another thing is they had to make decoration out of there or your  hair!  We had so much fun! I hope that we go again! If you are ever in Michigan you should see the Oxford Museum!


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