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The Creepy Man By Josie and Delaney

One day, me and my friend, Delaney, and my dog, Maggie were walking in the woods, when Maggie started barking and started pulling me towards a creepy house. The house was made of rotting , brown wood and was covered with moss, inside the house were melted candles. Suddenly, we saw a man standing at  the top of the stairs holding a bat. He had a  greasy smile and he smelt of salt. Instantly, we ran and hide behind a bush. the man came out of the house looked around and left then we went back in to see a  giraffe…

The Return Of Greasy Grove By Landon and Connor 100 WC week 29

Greasy Grove it has been a long time since it was deleted, But… We may see it again.

4 seasons later

“WATCH OUT EVERYBODY TAKE COVER IT’S MELTING.” It was true, polar peak was melting down onto the battle royale island of fortnite. It was a live event happening before are eyes. It finally melted all the way down and it was a disaster. I was sitting on my couch watching the live event while eating my chips with lots of salt. Some of them were brown. I was laying with my pet dog giraffe. It was back from the ashes.