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Angry! :(

I just put my covers on perfectly, I was feeling good, and then my sister ran into my room and and jumped on me. “Stop!” I yelled. I was so cross that I threw her off the bed. “Ow!” she yelled. I jumped off the bed and ran to the bathroom because the bathroom is the only room with a lock. I heard her running to the door and with a bang she ran into the door. She was probably fuming! This is not good, I didn’t want her to wake my parents up. this is not good at all!

100wc week 26

One day, I was drawing a picture until my brother came down and annoyed me, I was so cross that I said “I’m going to kill you” and he ran upstairs and I started chasing him up the stairs. but when we got to our room I went back down stairs but he followed me and started to tackle me. But I escaped my brother and ran upstairs to tell our mom. When I came back I noticed that my brother ripped my drawing I worked so hard on. I screamed at him so loudly that the entire house shook.  

When I was Cross

One day I was at my house doing my homework and my sister had a friend over. When they were upstairs they made a mess. After dinner I went upstairs to see what they were doing and then I saw a big mess. My mom said, “Three minutes! If you made a mess, clean it up.”  My sister’s friend left without cleaning. My parents told me to clean up the mess or go to bed early because they thought I made the mess too. I didn’t want to clean up. I was so cross that I just went to bed.


One day, I was sitting on the couch,  watching TV,  when out of the corner of my eye,  I saw my brother took the remote off the arm of the couch, ” Don’t you dare!” I shouted. He changed the channel to a stupid gaming Youtube video! I was so cross, that I grabbed the remote out of his hands screamed at him. He screamed and grabbed at the remote,  but I changed it back. Then he went to tell on me and I hid the remote. He came back downstairs and found it, so he changed the channel again! “UGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!”

Week#26 The Time I Was Cross

I was in my room in till my sister came in  and jumped on my bed and I almost dropped my phone and when she jumped on the bed she grabbed my all pillows and stated to throw the pillows at me. I was so cross that I threw the pillows back at her. I told her to stop because it was really annoying. I went to my mom and told her to tell my sister to stop and she did.  So my sister hated me that day for telling on her. But she never did that again to me.

That Time I Was So Cross

One day back in the days in season one of Fornite this happened. this was my first week of  having the game I was playing squads trying to get a win. I dropped Fatal Fields with my WHOLE squad and we were looting when BAM! Someone on my team is down they got no-scoped. So i went to help BAM! I got no-scoped so my other two teammates come to help BAM!BAM! They both get no-scoped the enemy was cheating and I was trying to win! I was so cross that I quit playing for the rest of the day.

getting cross 100 wc week 26

It happen’d at the worst time it started off landing paradise palms, I got 2 eliminations the storm was far away so i had to rift to circle i didn’t make it so i had to run a little. I got to tilted towers and was in circle i got 3 eliminations in tilted.  I walked out of tilted  and got one more elimination i had 6 total eliminations. Top ten  then bang i cant walk anymore  what happen’d it kicked me out  i was so cross that my internet went out. I asked my mom what happen’d she said i don’t know??!!!

I was cross this chat

   A lot people have beliefs and religion And that’s for me but one time this Thing become a huge drama.  So it was Summer vacation for me and i was chatting with my friends on discord Then a person asked Everyone whats there religion. It was an odd question but I answered by saying ” I don’t have a religion” Then they started  saying That if I don’t have a religion i’m a bad person and saying that I don’t believe in god This went on for hours. I then had enough of this and said “stop please” then logged off.

I Got This Feeling

“I got this feeling, inside my bones…” Okay I get it, everybody likes that song. But that is just not my type of song. I was so cross that I could just dream of  that song never exciting. Anyway, the scene basically is that we are in the gym having a pizza party. that song just kept on playing that song that I couldn’t even eat my song with that on. So I decided that I could by time and go in the bathroom. So I did that and eventually the song went off. I was then celebrating with joy














…I was so cross that…

This morning, I wanted to go to this 5k  so I went and right when I got there the race started so I ran as fast as I could. I was in third place and there was two more miles that I had to run. I ran as fast as I could I was on my last mile and me and this person was right behind me. The finish line was right in front of me I ran as fast as I could and I won!! I screamed I was so exited that I won. I was cross that Yes!!