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The Haunted House!!! – Week 25

Once I was walking with a group of people mixed of boys and girls. One of the boys ran off and we had to find him. A group of girls found him in front of a house that didn’t look very nice. The boy ran in. “JAYDEN!!” Aubrey screamed as she was running after him. We all ran after them. Jayden was sitting there looking at a ghost…. “LETS GO!! NOW!” Aubrey was screaming. Everyone in the group was scared. Jayden ran out of the house screaming. We all ran home and never went back to that house ever again.

The Haunted House – Week 25

I was going to a haunted house with my friends. We were at the destination the most haunted house in the whole WORLD!!!! We were going in when the door creaked so loud. I was thinking if I should go back to my house. But I was thinking about just leaving my friends there. So we all went in the house we saw big spiders crawling on the floor. We walked to the kitchen and we saw a bowl of eyeballs and dead bodys. Then we saw a ghost a it shut the door and we were stuck there forever.

Haunted Theater week #25

One rainy day I was so board. I couldn’t play with my friends I couldn’t go outside. I was looking out the window at rain falling down. My mom had a great idea. We should go to the movies. On our way to the movie theater it was still raining. When we got to the theater no one was there. We went where the movie was and it wasn’t on. A few minutes later I heard a weird noise. The light fell. I needed to get out of the place. Something was chasing me very fast I needed to run.

Maggie and the haunted house

One day was walking Maggie  down the  street on Halloween night  we were on are way to go trick or treating. when we saw a old house I heard a loud nose coming from inside. Then threw the window I saw a person that was glowing!!!!  ” Is that what a ghost really looks like?” Maggie started barking and the creepy man disappeared. Should  we go find him?  “yes” I walked up the stairs Maggie followed me I opened the door and he appeared right in front of me Maggie jumped with her teeth as sharp as needles wake up Josie