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The Weird Guy Names Jimmy Week #23

The jimmy do not know how to do anything. That’s why he is weird. He acts like a sinking shark. He also act like he don’t know how to climb a ladder. He also thinks that coin are botons. He act like a red bull when he is mad to. He does not know what a pavement is because he did not go to school! Sometimes he does the banana dance on youtube for 5 hours! He also don’t know how to use a phone and he tried for a month! This is some reason why Jimmy is very very weird.

Week 23-100 WC

When I was in Florida, we went to the beach. Once we got there I looked over me I saw a red ladder sinking in the water! After I put my towel down me and My cousin ran in the Water fast as lighting. We didnt have anything in the water to play with, so We just swam around . Once we Got out of the water, I felt two small things on my foot, So I picked them up! It was like pavement in the sand! It looked like old Coins. I took them with me back to the hotel.

100WC – Week 23

     “AHH!!” I screamed as i was sinking in the water. Maddie jumped in to save me. There was red all over the place. THAT’S BLOOD…. When Maddie got me out Graciela pulled me to the pavement where the car was. When they got me to the car it was to high for me to get in with a hurt leg. So Graciela got a little ladder for me. I climbed up the ladder into the car. Before Graciela got in she saw some coins so she picked them up. That was so scary i’m never going back in there again!!

The Building Broke Down – 100wc Week 23

The building is sinking! The firefighter climbed up the red ladder to try and rescue all the people in the top of the office building. Some of the other firefighters called “the building is collapsing!” Everyone screamed and fell but the magical coin saved them from falling. The magic coin made it so it didn’t hurt when everyone fell on the pavement. Everyone was excited that no one got hurt, but they were also sad because many people loved that building. Everyone went home and told all there family members and then everyone watched the news of how it happened.

Roadwork – 100WC Week 23

One day, I was taking a walk. I saw a sign that said: “Roadwork ahead”. I walked over to it and saw two construction workers putting bright red pavement into the ground. I was confused because the rest of the sidewalk was white. For some reason, they took down to signs that said “wet paint” and put a bag of coins on the other side. A baby  walked towards the wet paint. “NO!” I shouted, but she kept walking. She walked towards the bag of coins. She started sinking. The construction worker grabbed a ladder and pulled her out! HOORAY!

Maggie and the obstacle course week 23 100WC

One day me and Maggie went to a dog American Ninja Warrior try out’s. Maggie had to do this big obstacle course to make it on the team. First Maggie had to go threw kinetic sand she ran and got stuck she started sinking  in red  kinetic sand it felt like pavement  we got a ladder to get her out then Maggie jumped out she was free she ran and garbed the coins and she won she was the first one to get the coins. she could be in dog American Ninja Warrior she was so happy she could bark. 

The worst day ever

I was at the store getting my little sister a birthday present when I realized that I didn’t know her favorite color, so I ended up just guessing and got her a pair of RED headphones and left the store. I was walking home on the sidewalk and I realized I was walking on wet PAVEMENT and was SINKING into the ground. COINS began to spill out of my pockets “oh no” I thought, “what will I do now?” I yelled for help and finally my sister arrived with a LADDER to pull me out of it onto dry ground.

The Game Week 23

One day I was grounded from my video games. My mom told me I had to go clean the attic so I got a ladder and climbed up to the attic. While I was cleaning I found something in the corner of my eyes. It was a game it looked like an old game. I snuck down the ladder and went to my friends house to play the game. When it logged me into the game your character had red cloths. You have to walk down a pavement sidewalk and collect coins. I started sinking when I fell into water.

Going to the park

On a sunny day, I was walking on a pavement surface to the park. When I arrived I decided to go up the ladder so I could see the nice view. I look to my right and I saw a baby duck sinking in the water so I decided to save the baby duck. I was running as fast as I could and suddenly I saw all of my coins from my pockets we’re falling out and leaving a trail of coins. I jumped in the pond to save the baby duck and got my red shorts all soaking wet.  


On a dark and dusty Tuesday after a long day at work, the Holy cat managed to save a red ladder with a volt count of 10,000 and expensive coins from sinking into the pavement. It was tragic a bagel, a candle and an omelet weren’t managed to be rescued from the pavements deathly grasp. Fortunately they were recovered after the pavement through up and recovered a pop tart that they didn’t know was fatally swallowed. But what the cat wasn’t expecting was the, mauve colored ninja alligator that likes kung fu, boxing and eating cats for dinner to strike back.