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singing donkey

I was on a farm minding my own business, then after i see a singing  donkey singing! and it was out of tune because it was not just a singing donkey, it was a mean singing donkey. I was tying to sneak up on him, but he had found me! I tried to run from him but he was to for me to run away from him. I was trying to run as fast as i can but he was on my tail. Finally i lost him and i am finally free and i can go back home and sleep.


The Flute

The flute… it was completely out of tune. You should look at the note so you will get it right. You will not have to do it  again and again. Be ready for the concert,  you will do okay. On the note, if you do not get it,  it will be out of tune and then the song will not  be good at all.  So you will have to go over it and you will have to catch up after it is good than will go so it will be out of tune than the song will sound good.

Music Party

One day I was at a party with my parents there was a boy who was playing the flute. It was completely out of tune so everybody went next door to the teenager with the guitar. Everybody danced to the great guitar teenager but I still herd the flute very faintly. Then the guitar teenager finish his song. so everybody went to the next room there was a man with a trombone. He was very grate at playing the trombone and I still herd the guitar and the flute and when the man finished the song. Everybody went back home.

Completely out of tune

I woke up knowing it was Tuesday and I had to wake up early for music. Music was my favorite thing in the world but waking up at 6 in the morning.

Once I got to music class nobody was there. One person got there but I didn’t know who it was. All I heard was a slam from the school entrance.I thought it was a teacher so I ignored it. I started playing but my music was completely out of tune. Finally I went to check who was out there.I jumped as I saw a dark figure jump at me!

Disco Fever

One wonderful day at the park, me and my friends are walking on the sidewalk. We saw a  poster that said ” open mic tonight”. I wanted to do that. So later that night I got ready and went to go sing. There was a Huge crowd! I was terrified, I walked on the stage and I started to sing. OOOHHH FFFRRREEEEEEEE, it was completely out of toon!  Everybody booed! I ran off the stage and ran home. I was humiliated, now everybody is going to make fun of me. But i can practice so I can be better next time!

week 20

one day, I was riding the school bus home from school like everyday. I also decided to listen to some music from my phone, so I hooked up my wireless headphones. But then when I started, it was completely out of tune. So I restarted my phone and turned off my headphones. When my phone turned back on I reconnected my headphones and started listening to music again and this time it worked. When I got to the stop before mine I quickly shut off my phone and headphones and sat in the seat looking out of the bus window.


broken banjo/100wc/week20

I was walking when I saw an old broken banjo on the side of the street. I grabbed it and plucked one of the strings and it made a horrible noise. “KREEEK!” I don’t even know how a banjo can make that noise. Then I remembered how a long time ago I threw a broken banjo away. It was completely out of tune. I just wonder how I found it here.I wonder, maybe it was destiny for us to meet again. I ran happily home for no reason and kept plucking the broken banjo’s strings. Destiny made a great choice.

The Record Player

One day I decided that I wanted to see what was in the attic.  I slowly climbed up the ladder, nervous about what I would find.  When I climbed up, I saw a sheet covering something big.  I went and took the sheet off and saw a strange box that looked like it had a tuba coming out of it.  I saw a button and pressed it.  Good music started playing, but sounded out of tune. I asked my sister to come up with me, and we started dressing in old clothes and dancing.   We had a lot of fun!

Week 20 100WC: it was completely out of tune….

Today was the best day, My Birthday. Me and my mom both put up all the decorations, set out the cake, and plates. an hour later almost everyone arrived. I was Really excited. We played a few games. It was time to open up presents! I open up my moms present, It was an Ukulele! I was Super happy! After I opened up all the other presents, I wanted to try out my Ukulele. So I sat on the couch and strung it, I heard a noise, I strung it again, it was completely out of tune. I was upset.


One day I was fixing my motorcycle when I heard a big Screech. I thought to myself that Screech was completely out of tune, so I walked over to where I heard the noise and put the  motorcycle building on pause. when I walked over there I helped the person out he gave me ten bucks and I used it on some parts and some candy. my dad helped me put the parts on and gives me some money to buy some more. When I was finished buying them me and my dad put them on my motorcycle was finally done.