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week 15

One day on the plant mars there was an alien named Steve he never saw the sun. So he went on an adventure to find the sun and he walked and walked and walked some more. He walked for months before he even saw any light at all but he new he was getting closer after more months he found the sun. The light blinded him so he slowly lost his sight so he would never see anything ever he walked home he was very sad he would never see the light anymore. And when hegot   


the light blinded him

One day a boy saw a lont of plastic on the sand so he punt the plastic in a resiclin bine for the plastic. That nint the boy was so sad that a baerd died on the grown by his house.The boy tell his mom that he fond a died berad on the grown.I was tring to help the berad on the grown so I can give it to you so you can help the bread. My mom tuke the plastic out

week15/ Hamster Diary

Hi diary, life is pretty boring. I have not been out in a while and the teacher is “reading a book.” I don’t get it. Why they even have it. All you do is look at it and speak gibberish while doing crazy movements. I try to understand it but it makes no sense at all. But I had a really good time during break with Christian. I got to know his arms pretty good. He brushed my teeth and at the end they were so clean the light blinded him. When I got back to  school he forgot me. =[

100 Week #15 Don’t go in the woods alone

One day me and my friend destiny were walking in the woods at night,We heard bushes shaking.”W-What was that?”nervously said Destiny.It got louder,and louder,and louder.Me and destiny shined our flashlight.A man jumped out at us.He kept on pulling our arm.I both flashed our flashlight at him.”AHHHHHHHH”as the man said as falling down to the ground as the light blinded him.”QUICK. RUN!!!!”as I said running as fast as we can.”I think we lost him.”said Destiny gasping for air.We stared walking back to Destiny’s house and we heard a scream. We ran as fast as we can until we felt something..


100wc week15: Gone

” Little johnny,”  mother called, ” You don’t want to miss breakfast do you?” Little johnny pulled off his covers and sprang out of bed . “It’s finally  summer!” he shouted leaping and twirling with joy. He turned around to walk downstairs but he opened the door….and the light blinded him mysteriously! “what’s happening!” johnny screamed, but it was too late. The light spread all around his body and he vanished completely. Then it was gone. Just moments later mother came bolting up the stairs. She flung open the door of the room. It was empty. everything was gone. Even poor little johnny.





week 15 Concert

We were at a concert. I was with my friend Jack. The persons concert we went to was Shaun Mendes . We were just sitting and hearing the songs he sang. But in till the light went to are faces and the light blinded him. He started to scream and yell. I just saw one million of eye staring at me. I got so embarrassed and my face was red like a tomato and I had butterflies in my stomach. I just wanted to get out of there so we did before they could kick us out of jack loud yelling.


Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Timmy. Timmy loved to read. One day, Timmy was reading his favorite book, Who Was Sacajawea, when he turned the page and a bright light shined on his face. The light blinded him. When he opened his eyes, he was in a strange world. Then he saw some people walk by. It was Sacajawea and Lewis and Clark! He looked down and saw he was an adult and he was dressed in old fashion clothes! “I think I’m in the book!” he thought to himself “COOL!” Then, he woke up.

week 15

One steaming hot day, I was walking down the street with my two friends. My friends names are  Jake and  Fred. The sun was blinding him!  Jake laughed at Fred.  We saw  a  huge mall  and Jake and Fred  wanted to go shop, I disagreed. Well I just had to go with them because, I would be waiting for about 2 hours.  They were finally  done so I could go play NHL 19. My friends were smart enough to leave the room.  I played it till I went to bed. I still think that Fred is running into walls, OUUUUUUUUUUUCH!!!     HAHA!!!!

The light blinded him week #15

I was walking back to our camper.  I saw something ahead of me I shined my flashlight ahead to see what it was. The light blinded him, then I realized it was my dad. “What are you doing” he said. ” Just heading back to camp.” When I got back my mom and sister’s were setting up a bonfire. Me and my dads jobs were gather wood and start the fire. We already finished 1 job gather the wood now we had to start the fire. First my dad made me find a news paper so it was easier to start it.