The Game!

One day me and my best friend  Blake were playing Monopoly! We decided to make the pieces bigger! Only the iron worked! ” So this is big” Blake said!  We had used the tool to make the pieces bigger that we had found in the Blake’s garage! We just started playing anyway! “I cant lift it ” I said . ” Me too ” Blake said. “We can work together” Blake said! Finally we finished the game . My mom came and picked me up. “Bye”  me and Blake both said at the same time! It was hard because We could not move our arms!

“What is that”?

“Come on Blake,” I said.  We were in town looking around, seeing who could do the most cart wheels to the ice cream shop when something fell. “WHAT IS THAT“? Claire said. “I-I… don’t know,” said Blake. We started running to Blake’s house.  We were afraid something was chasing us. “Come on!” Claire yelled. When we got home we told her mom. We were all talking at once.  “Girls, that is the new monopoly piece that workers are putting in.  You did not see the big trucks installing it?” “No I guess we really were dizzy from the cart wheels “! 

The mysterious game…

In 2019, there was a normal game of monopoly that a family was playing. The boy played as the iron piece. The girl played as a hat, and the dad played as a shoe. The neighbor then heard loud noises in the house next to him. The neighbor came and knocked on the door, but no one responded. The man thought it was a break in, so the man called the cops. There was no one there when the police officers  opened the door. The people in town saw Game pieces all around. The ones that the family used to play…

What Is This!

In 1898, me and Claire were walking down an alley. The trees were moving, the birds were chirping. Me and Claire were looking around at the blue flowers beside us. Then all of a sudden Claire screamed “WOW!”  Then I saw this giant, gray iron. Me and Claire have had wrinkly clothes because there are no shops around to buy an iron. We went right next to it. It was about 7 heads taller than me. Claire said, “Woah that’s a giant.” Claire tried to pick it up, but she was nowhere near picking it up. Maybe one day it will shrink.

Shrek vs. Buff cat

One day Mr Monopoly was giving the giant iron to the head of board games when the iron fell out of his hand and into Shrek’s, he figured it was a gift from donkey so he took it home to iron his clothes but Mr Monopoly was worried because if didn’t want to get his game shut down, he was trying to think of game pieces the boat it couldn’t move, the car to weak, but the cat perfect so he got all of the cats to battle they thought they would destroy him but Shrek destroyed them with donkey.

The Dinosaur

One day there was a dinosaur walking around trying to find food but then a big iron fall down from the sky. After it fall down the baby dinosaurs started yelling and crying because they where so scared. When the parents  dinosaurs came they just there looking at the big iron. One of them said that there was another world filed with giants and one of the giants drop there iron. One of the dinosaurs touched it and then said it looks all right to me. so then the big iron that fell down turned into a ride for dinosaurs.

Shrek VS Ironman

it was a normal day in Tonga then suddenly Shrek came out of his swamp when he came out he said “wheres my iron”. When he said that Ironman came out and said “if you want the iron you have to defeat me then they fought. First Shrek hit him withe the get out of me swamp meme from google. Then Ironman shot irons from his suit. At the end Shrek did one more get out of me swamp and iron man gave up and gave him the iron for his clothes. So Shrek went back to his big swamp.

The Smash

I was walking down the street of New York City. Then a newspaper flung to my face, “The building shook and then everyone is smashing the skyscraper because of a challenge. Whoever gets inside first, gets all of the money. It starts tomorrow at 7am.”  The next day I woke up at 7am because I heard a sound like a stampede of animals, but then I remembered it was the challenge time. Before I got outside the building was gone. I looked up and money was raining on me. Later that day, I went shopping I bought so much stuff!

The Crazy but Fun Day

One day I was with my friends on a bike ride and then out of no were it started a huge down poor of rain! Emma said “peddle as fast as you can!” Claire said ‘just run and don’t slip!” Blake said “go uh mm……..”Then the building shook and then Blake said “Lexi’s house!” I said “Yes, come to my house, follow me!” So we rode our bikes to my house. We got to my house and dried off then we played cards and talked about the crazy but fun time we had on our bike ride that day!      

Ding Dong

     Mom,” said Claire as she was up-side down and in a handstand. “Yes” said mom, “is Lexi coming over”? Said Claire, “yes and Blake”. “Yes, I am so existed “we said at the same time. Ding dong the door bell rang, “come in” said mom. Blake walked in, then “Ding Dong” the door bell rang. Lexi walked in “Hello” said Lexi. “Hi” Claire and I said at the same time. “Come on lets go up-stairs.” The building shook and then we got under the table. It stopped. We all stopped for a second and ran to my mom and dad.  

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