I just wanted to……… 100 WC:27

As Hunter was screaming, him and his two sisters Tristan and Peyton were running Though the jungle. They were running to what seamed to be a baby elephant with its friend’s. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress so Tristan the leader of the superhero trio grabbed everyone’s hands and flew up into the sky. But do to the weight of everyone she fell and landed on a tree branch and the  landed on the jungle floor.  no one got hurt but close was the elephants and all they did was came up and licked them.

Week #25 Those two cats (:

Once upon a time there were to cats one named bunny and one named rabbit. These two cats were very adventurous and somewhat fearless. I mean they’ve been stuck in trees tangled in there toys but I’ve never thought they both would do something this dangerous. It was a sunny spring day birds were chirping kids were playing and as the mailman past by he stared to mumble.

“But how?”

“but when?”

But how did she get up there?”

Well bunny jumped up on the roof and the mailman was so speechless he did not tell everyone!

To be continued.



week #24 Soooooo

“Mom I’m thirsty.” said little

“Well you can have some tea.” said mom

“But when?”

“I what it now!”

But little did that little boy know that behind some bushes was a giant and magical teacup.  As Little was ranting on about  how hungry and thirsty he was he turned a corner and everything became silent. His mouth dropped and for some strange reason his eyes started to water it eyes it was like he had never seen a drink before in his life. So he jumped into the giant teacup and then the teacup fell and went all over………….

The plant

What if I was in charge of the whole world. Would I say kids didn’t have to got to school if they didn’t want to. What if I was only in charge of a plant would I water it. Those things are responsibility’s. But what if I was in charge. Would I chose to water a plant or be in charge of the government. I would chose a plant and once its grown I would give it to my parents. Because they take care of me and they are very loving. I know they will take care of my plant.



“Move I want to see the magical thing come down.” cried the smallest ant of all Joe .

It will come down the drainpipe if I stand under it ” said aunt Marge.

The family of ants were fighting about who got to see whatever came’s down the drainpipe first.

But if they would use there tiny brain of theirs they would know that it causes great danger!

but cousin Bob used his evil brain of his and just let them fight. Buts as it stated to come bob

said “stop its water” and the family of ants never came back again.





“Hi,” moaned a grumpy boy.

“Don’t be down.” said a caring mother.

“What’s wrong?” asked dad.

“Mom just told me we will never be able to move our bodies,”  Little Joe started to cry.

But a ant courtesy said.

 “Stop crying I’m trying to sleep.”

But then mum jumped.

“Mum you said we are statues!”

“well let me tell you a story when I was your age  I lost my mommy and when I found her she said don’t move and we were together forever. It’s a trick bud but it’s because we don’t want to lose  you!”


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