I went to the park by the forest. When I got done with that I headed to my favorite tree to climb. As I walked in the forest I saw something odd. I headed towards it and to my surprise I saw a giant pair of legs, and beside it, the stump of my favorite tree. these legs made me mad. When I find out who has brought it I will get very mad at them. I went home and told my mom everything that had happened. My only question was where was the other half of It’s tall body.


The Tiger

We were lost in the jungle and had no idea where the tiger was. Then he jumped out behind the trees and started chasing us. Although we ran quickly, we were still not making enough progress. I tripped on a rock. When the tiger came I looked around, my friends left me. I grabbed a stick and threw it at the tiger but that didn’t do anything. He growled at me. I tried  running but I was frozen on the ground. I finally stood up and ran from the horrific tiger. I got to my friends and told them everything.

week #25 the attic

I was bored. It was winter and  I did not want to go outside. My mom suggested into the attic get some boxes of  old photos or something like that. So I went up in the attic and the first thing I did was wipe the dust off some of our ” memory boxes.”

Then out of the corner of my eye I saw movement. I went over to the thing. It turned out to be my dog! How did he get up there? I got back downstairs and showed my mom what I had found. I was still bored though.


The Teacup week #24 by: Peter

It was a sunny day and I was watching TV. My mom came in the room and said I have to get outside. So I went out in the  backyard but I stopped dead in my tracks. There was a ginormous teacup taking up at least half the yard. I started wondering how it came here. I stepped inside it, it was as if someone had the magical powers to make things twenty times bigger and used the power on the teacup. Then my mom came outside and fainted right there and then. I had to get my friends over.

President by: Peter grade 5 100 wd challenge

It was a normal day, Donald Trump was on the news again. He was  talking about the laws, but what if I was in charge? What if I was in charge of the government ? It would be a lot more fun. I would give everybody jobs and I would bring bagel day. Everyone  would like me and I would be president for two terms. No one would talk mean because I’m not going to be mean. I turned on the TV.  I was thinking I was on it. I got awarded greatest president of all time. That thought was great.

the best day of my life

I was bored so I decided to go outside and jump around in the rain. I was walking next to my house and something shiny got caught in corner of my eye . I looked and it came down the drainage pipe, another shiny thing! Something told me I shouldn’t go near but I did anyways. It was gold! I couldn’t believe my luck, I was as happy as a dog about to go for a walk! I took the  pieces of gold inside and washed them with some water. Then I just imagined what  I could do with this much!

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