the bad pool

i woke up one morning and saw my pool but it was yellow and looked smaller. So I ran down the stairs and said “hey mom I am going to go outside”. When i went outside i got my roller skates and tried to jump over the yellow small pool. after i jumped and was in the air i lost balance hit the other side of the pool . Then i fell in i swam so fast i got out of the pool next thing i now I am in the hospital my was there and she said “What happened” Nothing.

I cannot publish your posts if you do not capitalize “I”.  Also your last section should read:

Then I fell in! I swam so fast. I got out of the pool. Next thing I know I am in the hospital. My (mom?) was there and she said, “What happened?”

“Nothing.” I replied.

Shrek VS Ironman

it was a normal day in Tonga then suddenly Shrek came out of his swamp when he came out he said “wheres my iron”. When he said that Ironman came out and said “if you want the iron you have to defeat me then they fought. First Shrek hit him withe the get out of me swamp meme from google. Then Ironman shot irons from his suit. At the end Shrek did one more get out of me swamp and iron man gave up and gave him the iron for his clothes. So Shrek went back to his big swamp.

Iron man!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Come on” I said, this is the third time today the building shook and then iron man came out this time and was fighting his clone it was caused the building shake again and the second clone came out of the ground. It looked like the two clones were on the same team fighting the real iron man. After a little me and my mom stopped watching the fight and instead went to safety, but when we were in safety we still heard them fighting it sounded like the real iron man was winning but we will never ever know.

the big bear by NOAH

One day after school I got of the bus but when I got off the bus i saw my friend on the other side of the woods get off his bus to. I went into my house and asked my dad can I go to bobs house on the other side of the woods he said”okay” so I started my journey thru the woods. But right when I got to the first tree there was a bear hugging it! I started to run back home but I turned around to go to my friends house so I tamed the bear.

Soccer is not just a sport



What people need to know is that soccer is not just a game. It’s a friend maker, it’s a sport that teaches you teamwork , and it’s also a sport that teaches you not to give up. In my opinion it’s the best sport too.

The first reason soccer is not just a game is because It’s a friend maker. Because your team can become your best friend after you play with them for a little bit and make sure not to be shy. For example this soccer season I got a new team after a few week’s of playing, scoring goals and passing. I got to know them then they became my best friends because I was not shy and I talked too.

The second reason soccer is not just a game is because it is a sport that teaches you to do team work. When you pass it you just learned to do team work,when you score that’s teamwork because you had to do teamwork to move up the field and score. For example this year me and my teammate were passing the ball back and forth up the field after a while we scored and that whole time we were passing it was teamwork.that’s another reason soccer is not just a sport

The final reason soccer is not just a game is because it teaches you not to give up. Like when the coaches yell at you and the crowd cheers it makes it thrilling and the thrill helps you not want to give up so after a while you will learn not to give up from the thrill. for example when I played indoor soccer someone stole the ball the crowd cheered and the coach yelled and the thrill of all those things made me run after the ball and not give up.

Other people should care that soccer is not just a sport because when you play it you could learn not to give up and learn about teamwork. Maybe you will also make friends too. That’s why you should care that soccer is not just a sport.

the gas problem

One night Fred was packing for his plane ride to mexico he packed clothes and 15 bathing suits.In the morning he drove to the air port right before he got on. “Can i check  your passport” he said it was the flight attendant.Once he got on the plane the flight attendant asked every one to fasten there seat belts.Then we took off but right after we got of the ground the plane made a weird noise then the flight attendant said”we forgot to put full in”.After they got fuel we flu into the air and flu to mexico for one day.

shadow street NOAH

One warm afternoon we were walking down the street when we notice are shadows at first when the lady Barbra saw it they thought they were robbers so the ran but they we getting old and couldn’t run fast .The guy Steve asked “why are we running”.Barbra said “there were robbers sneaking up under”. Steve said”no it was just are shadows”.” oh she said. after that they walked home but when she ran her lunges got sore so on the way back she passed out Steve said”i will give you CPR”.After the second puff she woke up and they walked home.

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