Week 25 Party on the roof

I was walking to my hotel with my pa. Then we heard a sound on roof and saw someone.

“I think it is a man.” I said to my pa.


“But how did he get up there.”

I wondered. We started to look around for something to get up there. Then we found it. He got up there with a very long skinny rope. But we still went up. Then we saw a party. Then we joined it. We were having a super duper fun time. But then someone fell of the roof. Then we never spoke of him again…….

Week 24 A walk in the woods

I was walking in the woods. Then I saw a giant teacup. I wondered if I could touch it. But I did know. But I decided to touch it and go inside. When I went inside. I fell in. On the way down I was screaming. When I had stopped. I saw a sign that said “magic fun land”. I walked inside and the place looked so fun. There looked like a lot of very fun stuff to do. But one thing that caught my eye. It was the very very very big bounce house. It was so so fun.

Week 23 – In Charge

What if I was in charge of the class to day? What are we going to do? Will we go out side? Will we do math,reading or writing what will we do? “I think we should do reading.” Said little Sudsy Lu.”NO” said Bill. “why not ” said Timmy. “Break it up break it up people .We will just do math.Everyone HURRY UP there is a tornado coming every one put your head down and cover your head.” Every one started to cry but it was just a drill. And  every one was OK. Then the day went on great.

Week 19 – [:Snake attack:]

I started running to the house and I saw a big snake. Once I got to the house the snake was right in front of me. I started to panic. So i started to scream. It was so loud that if you were in china you could here me from Michigan.I saw something by the drainpipe so I went to go see what it was. It was a snakes head in the drainpipe. When i got closer it came down the drainpipe right on to my feet.Then more and more snakes keep on coming down. I started to get nervous.

A walk thru the park

“Hi mom what are we doing today,” said Bill.

“We are going on a walk today threw the park to look for a doggy,”said ma.

“We are,”said pa.

“YES.We are looking for a purple and blue Labradordoodle for gramama,”said ma

“Why,”said Bill.

“Because it is gramamas birthday tomorrow and she wants something special ,”said ma.

“So my legs are tired,”Said Bill.”Suck it up buttercup,”said pa.Bill looked at the ground like he was sad.”What is wrong with youpa,”said Bill.

“Stop that,”Said pa.”You are in big trouble,”said pa.

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